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MacBook Wheel

Apple’s new product, the MacBook Wheel.

Don’t worry, it’s just a joke from the Onion Network News. The person who came up with this idea is a genius.

What if Matrix runs on Windows

Sooner or later, we all encounter an error Neo.
You will have to make a choice.
To send an error report, or not to send one.
But is there a difference?

52 photos from 2008

Here is a little project I did recently. Select 52 photos that I’ve taken in 2008 and put them in a facebook album. You don’t need to get one photo per week. Just find 52 photos that you will remember 2008 for. These will be the memories for 2008.

Here is my “52 photos from 2008

What will your 52 photos be?

Bloggers’ Calendar 2009

Here is a fun project that several bloggers took up last December. Do a photo shoot and make a calendar out of it. An interesting came up by Patlaw and well executed with the great photography skill by Willyfoo and the help of several bloggers.

All of us had great fun during the photo shoot. My face is on the October page.


Or rather, my face on the table is on the October page.
Do check out the online version here.

Listening/Watching the keynote without Steve

The Mac fanboy in me stayed up to watch the Keynote at 1am Singapore time even though Steve isn’t presenting. This time round, my setup is slightly different. I still have 2 computers turned on like what I did before. But instead of using my 14.1 inch IBM Thinkpad, I switch to using the HP Mini 1000 netbook. The small screen make it possible for me to put it right infront of my iMac without blocking the iMac screen.


The HP Mini is used for Plurking and twittering. Surprised that there are quite a few of us staying up and reading the keynote. Had a great discussion with Bernard, Miccheng and Dorothy on plurk.

My iMac, as usual, is used to read sites like Macrumors, Engadget and Gizmodo. But halfway thru the keynote, some hackers managed to bring down Macrumors. Damn. Macrumors is always the best site for all the Apple keynote. They are usually the fastest and most stable.

I managed to find a ustream that is streaming live from the keynote. Although the camera wasn’t pointing at the stage, it is good enough just to hear the things that are happening at the keynote. I managed to dig out my headphone and plug it into my iMac so that I won’t disturb my neighbors. But sad to say, the live stream went down towards the end of the keynote. So I went back to reading from Engadget and Gizmodo.

Plurk and twitter survived thru the keynote without crashing. Well done guys.

The rumors this time round aren’t really accurate. No announcement of new Mac Mini or iMac. No new iPhone or iPhone Nano (expected). No talk about Snow Leopard.
But there is an update on iLife and iWork. iWork going online to fight with google docs. But sad to say, it will be a paid service.
iTunes store get variable pricing and DRM free. iTunes store on iPhone can now download songs over 3G. (But none of those concerns us as we don’t have iTunes in Singapore)
And the new 17 inch MacBook Pro. 8 hr battery life, but non user replaceable battery. Give and take ba.

Interestingly, the keynote ended with Tony Bennett singing The Best Is Yet To Come. Is this a hint or something?