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iPhone Ads

OK, I know this is a fan made iPhone Gen 1 ads. But I haven’t seen this ads until Eric Dunivant from CocoaHeads Singapore played this during Mobfest.

Nice ads. :)

Just some numbers again

Warning: I’m using this entry to log down some figures so that I can visit them again when I hit my 3000th post.

I’ve shared my webstats before on my 1000th post. I thought maybe I should carry on this tradition and share my webstats on my 2000th post.

Google analytics changed quite a bit since my 1000th post. I can’t seem to find the exact pie chat that I’ve shown on my 1000th entry. So I guess this is the closest.


16.91% of my referrer traffic are from Singapore Daily. No surprise since lots of people uses Singapore Daily as their daily blog aggregator. Interesting to note is that in number 4 with 4.6%. Wow, didn’t know so many people using to read my blog. Cool.

I refer to Extreme tracking most of the time to see my webstats. Below are the number of visitors for the past 20 days, 20 weeks and 12 months. (Since I’ve only blog for 12 months on Dee Kay Dot As Gee)




The numbers increased quite a fair bit compared to my 1000th post.


My Technorati ranking drop quite a bit. Seems like lesser and lesser people are linking to me ever since I’ve move to this new domain. Oh well.

Strange. How come I didn’t note down my Page Rank previously? Anyway, my current page rank is 4.

OK, hope I didn’t bored you with all these boring numbers. Will bring this up again on my 3000th post. That is provided I hit my 3000th post.

My 1999th post

This is my 1999th blog entry on Dee Kay Dot As Gee. Woohoo!!! OK, kelong a bit cause I migrated my blog post from decayonnet. So maybe I should say it’s my 1999th blog entry on decayonnet and Dee Kay Dot As Gee.

I reached my 999th blog entry on 6 May 2007. Took me nearly 2 years to write 1000 blog posts. Wow. I wonder if this is consider fast or slow.

Lots of things have changed since 6 May 2007. People come, people go. I guess that is part of life. All the things that happen help shape who I am now.

So why do I blog?
Cause I enjoy blogging. It’s a place for me to express myself (using broken english) and voice my opinions/views on issues close to my heart. It’s also a place for me to talk about gadgets and technologies that interest me. It’s an online diary of things that are happening to me. A vault to store all the memories that I can refer to in the future to relive the moment. And most importantly, it’s a place where I get to meet new people and keep in contact with old friends.

So will I hit my 2999th blog entry? I hope I will. Just wondering when will it be.

PS: is reaching it’s 1st birthday soon. :)

Sneak peak at Lenovo’s upcoming products

I had the opportunity to have a sneak peak at Lenovo’s upcoming products during the Lenovo blogger’s night. The event was held last week at a nice restaurant call 7atenine located at the Esplanade. The foods and drinks were great. The ambience was romantic. In another word, poor lighting. It’s a perfect place for a romantic dinner. Not so perfect for a sneak preview at the exciting products that Lenovo is releasing soon. The place is just too dark for a decent photo. So please excuse me for all the lousy photos.


We were told that some of the demo set just arrived Singapore on that day. Wow… fresh from oven.


Let’s talk about something that is out in the market for some time already. It comes with a Wacom digitizer built-in for graphic design and drawing. I don’t remember seeing another notebook that comes with a Wacom digitizer. From what I understand, there is a dual screen version (ThinkPad W700ds), but too bad they didn’t bring it along. But it sure is a heavy notebook. And the power brick is huge too. Oh ya, did I say that it has 5 USB slot? You can basically throw away your USB hub if you get this powerhouse.


Then there is the 3 laptop by Lenovo, Y450, Y550 and Y650 which is 14-inch, 15.6-inch and 16-inch respectively. I don’t have the specs for these 3 machine yet. But I guess it is the standard specs. The nice part about this 3 laptop is the look and the nice touch pad. No news about the pricing and when it is going to hit the stores too.

dsc03915a dsc03914a dsc03921a

The most interesting machine that night must be the Idea Center A600. Yes, its a desktop with a form factor that looks like the HP TouchSmart. The best part about the A600 is the accessories. Wireless Keyboard, Mouse and remote control. The wireless keyboard comes with a touchpad. Wow, good for controlling the computer from a sofa. The remote control is feature packed. You can use it as a remote, a mouse, a skype phone and a joystick. Yes, a joystick. And we did try playing some airplane game using the remote as a joystick. Now, doesn’t the remote reminds you of a Wii controller.


Like the Y450, Y550 and Y650, I don’t have much specs on the A600 too. Hoping to get my hands on the A600 to really play with the airplane game great features.

Many thanks to Derrick from Lenovo and the wonderful staffs from Lenovo and Text100 for the pleasant evening.

PS: On 2nd thoughts, maybe they purposely choose a restaurant that is dark so that you get a mysterious feel from the photos. Haha. ok ok, I’m just kidding.

A day in DK’s life – 18 Feb 2009

Haven’t done this kind of blog entry for quite some time. Here goes.

745am: Woke up. Wah piang. Long time haven’t wake up so early liao.

830am: Left home. Haven’t dress up for quite some time.

930am: Reached Gamehaven. They are still doing the final touchup for the press conference later.

1030am: Nicole and Neo arrived. It’s nice that both of them can make it despite the “not so new media friendly” timing. This press conference like is those traditional press conference. So timing is more “traditional media friendly”. There are reporters from Straits Times, Wanbao, Business Times, Razor TV and many others.

1100am: Press Conference for The Games XPO 2009 started. The event will be held from 3rd to 5th July 2009 at Suntec. BLOG2u is appointed the Official New Media Partner.

1200pm: Press Conference over. Went talk to the member of the press.

130pm: Left Gamehaven and went lunch with some partners whom we will be working closely for the TGX09.

230pm: Reach office, clear email, settle some stuff. I’m glad that I have my iPhone with me so that I can clear 70% of the email while I’m outside.

500pm: Super tired. Tried some power nap. Didn’t work for me. Made my sleepiness worse.

530pm: Went out to grab some coffee. The usual store is close because the water was cut off for some unknown reason. So I pop over to another store nearby. Regretted. Coffee is more expensive and taste horrible. But the good thing is it managed to keep me awake.

630pm: Left office for Mobfest with Vivek.

650pm: Reached Mobfest. Lots of familiar faces. Another sign that Singapore is a very small place.

700pm: Mobfest started. Several interesting presentation. Love the presentation by Singapore Android Developers’ Community and CocoaHeads Singapore. was there to show off some new apps they have with is still in Alpha. Wow, am totally impressed with it.

1000pm: Event ended. Managed to catch up with some old friends before leaving.

1030pm: On the train, took out my HP Mini 1000 and plug in my new BroadBand on Mobile modem (Huawei E169. Which is a lot more handy compared to my previous Huawei E220). The guy sitting next to me keep reading my screen. Kinda rude actually. So the best way to tell the person to stop is to type this on plurk “I wish the person sitting next to me will stop reading my screen. Thanks.” And it works.

1130pm: Reached home. Went McDonalds grab a 20 piece McNuggets for my dinner. Goes well with Hoegaarden. What a way to end the day.