iPhone 3.0

Finally, Apple announced their 3.0 firmware for iPhone and iPod Touch. The 3.0 firmware has 1000 new APIs and 100 new features compared to the previous firmware.

Some of the new APIs includes:
Peer-to-peer connectivity over Bluetooth
New business model (Subscription and In-App Purchasing)
Build application based on Google Maps
CoreLocation for turn-by-turn GPS directions
Connect with hardware accessories over in their apps
Push Notifications
Streaming of video and audio in Apps and also in game voice use.

Some of the new features includes:
Cut, Copy and Paste
Single/Group SMS delete.
Search within all key applications
Landscape keyboard in all key applications like Mail

I was reading the keynote on Tuesday night like I usually do for most keynote. Honestly speaking, there isn’t much amazing breakthrough for the new firmware. These are things that should have been inside the iPhone since ages. It’s good that Apple finally decided to add them in. There is a long list of changes for iPhone 3.0. But I’ll just talk about some of the more interesting ones.

New business model (Subscription and In-App Purchasing)
The new business model didn’t come as a surprise to me. I’ve seen lots of companies wanting to do subscription model for iPhone apps. Looks like it’s their wish come true. Personally, I don’t really like the In-App Purchasing. I got this feeling that we will see companies misusing this feature. Imagine I’ve bought a FPS game for iPhone, but in order to use rocket launcher, I need to pay extra $0.99. Or pay extra $0.99 for another 10 levels. That is going to make the whole thing sucks.

Good thing is that for apps that are free, they can’t have the In-App purchasing inside. That’s a big relief.

Connect with hardware accessories over in their apps
This is one of the most exciting feature for iPhone 3.0 (in my own opinion). In fact, when they launched iPhone 2.0 firmware, I was already asking why didn’t Apple allow developers to write apps that can work with hardware accessories. I’m glad Apple finally open up this feature. This means that we will be able to see many hardware comes with their own iPhone apps to make full use of the hardware. Like a FM transmitter, FM receiver or even blood pressure measurement. It’s up to hardware manufacturers’ imagination. I can’t wait to see what hardware will make full use of this feature.

Push Notifications
This is another exciting feature for iPhone 3.0. Apple mentioned that they will not be allowing apps to run in the background because it drain battery power. And if you are a iPhone user, you will know that battery power is limited. Which is why it is good that Apple comes out with this push notification. What this means is that the server still can push message to the iPhone even when the Apps is being turn off. One of the biggest usage for this feature is instant messengers.

I wonder if anyone will make use of this push notification feature to make a twitter apps. This will be handy for those countries that doesn’t receive SMS updates from twitter.

Cut, Copy and Paste
OK, actually I don’t know why the great demand for this feature. I’ve more or less grown to accept that iPhone doesn’t have cut, copy and paste feature. It seems like the most demanded feature on iPhone. And honestly speaking, when I saw confirmation that cut, copy and paste will be in the iPhone 3.0, I thought I heard some distant cheering. You know, that kind of cheer you hear when some EPL team just scored a goal.

Anyway, the cut, copy and paste looks fairly easy to use. Double tap to begin text selection. Drag the selection then tap Copy or Paste. Then go to the place you want to paste the tap, double tap and tap paste. And here is the interesting part. Shake the iPhone to bring up the option to undo the pasted text. It’s going to be funny seeing people shaking their iPhone in the train or bus.

One thing I notice is that it seems like you can’t select individual word for uneditable text (Text in Safari, SMS). You can only select the whole paragraph. Not word by word. I hope I’m wrong here.

I’ve no idea why do people request for MMS feature. Honestly speaking, I don’t see the need for MMS. Its expensive and not many people are using it. Oh well, I guess it’s one of those good to have features.

This is the best feature for iPhone 3.0 (In my opinion. I know many people think that cut, copy and paste is the best feature). Its interesting that Apple took so long to port the best feature on MacOS into iPhone. Spotlights, for the non Mac users, is a search feature in MacOS. So you just key in the word you want to search and spotlight will search the entire iPhone for that word. PalmOS has this feature since donkey years ago.

Speaking of PalmOS, the iPhone 3.0 is much anticipated because everyone wants to see how Apple is going to counter Palm’s WebOS. And frankly speaking, WebOS is still pretty safe. The new iPhone 3.0 doesn’t has multi-tasking and doesn’t consolidate data from around the web. This means that WebOS might still have an upper hand against iPhone. (key word is MIGHT) The new iPhone 3.0 is more like adding features that should have been inside the iPhone since day one.

The new iPhone 3.0 firmware will be shipping in Summer. It will be a free upgrade for all iPhone users including Gen 1 iPhone although some of the features will not be available for Gen 1 iPhone due to hardware issues. iPod Touch users need to pay $9.95 to upgrade. (As usual)

PS: Did anyone notice that one of the new feature for iPhone 3.0 is Parental Control for Apps store? Hmmm…. does that means that we are finally going to see R rated stuff on iPhone App store? Palmasutra anyone?

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    i’m looking forward for the release! can’t wait!

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