Resigning from Tech65 (April Fools)

I’ve just submitted my resign letter to Daniel. Yes yes, I’m quitting Tech65. I have enough of all these crap.
Seriously, if anyone tell you that Tech65 is for passion, I tell you its BULLSHIT. It’s never about passion. It’s all for profit. The companies and PR agencies are always paying Tech65 to get extra “talk time” and “better reviews”. The more money you pay Tech65, the more we pimp about your product. And Tech65 is making huge profits from all these companies. Else how do you think we can afford to go Geek Terminal every Saturday morning to do recording? Mind you, the coffee at Geek Terminal is expensive. (Although it the best coffee in Singapore) Tech65 is rich enough to hire a new CEO now. There is also news that Daniel is planning to build a 65 level building with a private podcast recording studio in the new Marina Bay financial centre. And yes, the toilet tap is made of gold and there is a handphone holder next to the toilet bowl.
The last straw was yesterday when Daniel passed me a piece of junk and told me to write a good review about it. It’s a piece of junk. How do you expect me to write a good review about it? I’m even required to pose a photo of my face on that piece of junk. Hello, who do you think I am? Just because they pay you a lot of money doesn’t mean I will put my face on that product. I only put my face on good product.
I’ve enough of it. I cannot do this anymore. I can’t sleep peacefully at night ever since I’ve join Tech65. Thus I’ve decided to leave. It’s a painful but necessary move.
So what’s next? I’ve decided to come up with my own podcast to rival Tech65. I’ve decided to name it Tech69. It will be mostly talking about how to place your face on different objects. Stay tuned.
Update: OK, its an April Fools joke. Read here.


  1. Well, that is what is called “unethical reporting”. But then again, a lot of companies are doing it. Profit is key to survival, regardless of how “unethical” it is.

  2. Shelly: Haha. True true. But then, Tech65 is purely for passion and we aren’t making a single cent. This is an April Fools joke.
    Xizor: While in the toilet?
    Chillycraps: Seriously, you mean you don’t know the answer?

  3. Vic: Oh ya, the product embargo is over. Shit, I haven’t finish blogging about it.
    Miss Loi: Wow. Make huge profits? 😀

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