April Fools 2009

April Fools is never complete without a few pranks.
Here are a compilation of this year’s April Fools joke that I’ve found. Do let me know if there are other great April Fools jokes that I’ve missed.
Microsoft Xbox: Alpine Legend

Google Gmail: Autopilot by CADIE
Google: Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity
Google Australia: gBall
Google Analytics: CADIE’s Google Analytics Reports
Youtube: New Viewing Experience
Expedia: Flights to Mars from only $99

Guardian: Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink
Pirate Bay Warner Bros Inc acquires The Pirate Bay
Crackberry: BlackBerry Storm Officially Discontinued
Improv Everywhere: Best Funeral Ever

KODAK: eyeCamera 4.1
How Stuff Works: Chew On This: Rechargeable Gum
Holiday Lettings: Buckingham Palace for Rent
Woopra: World’s First Webcam Spy Feature for Web Sites
Opera: Face Gestures

Taipei Times: Fake Panda Bear
Sitepoint: Internet Reboot Today at 11.59UTC
Think Geek: Unicorn Chaser
Swiss Tourism Board: Association of Swiss Mountain Cleaners

Daily Express: The Invisible Car
Daily Mail: Silent Crisps
BMW: BMW Magnetic Tow Technology
Local April Fools Joke
SG Entrepreneurs: SGE Editor To Be Chief Editor In Malaysia Entrepreneurs
Tech65: Management Reshuffle
IZ Reloaded: Exclusive: Local bloggers immortalised on Singapore Grand Prix street circuit!
Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Palm launches new PDA
Which is your favorite? I think the Improv Everywhere one was quite nicely done. They even managed to fool a News Network. Swiss Tourism Board’s April Fools joke was also quite nicely done. And I won’t mind if Opera really implements those features.
Updates: Some newly added April fools pranks. (Keep them coming in)
HiFive Group: have partnered with Sony and Hershey Foods on a technological breakthrough that injects music files into nougat. Sounds tasty! (And a lot more on their twitter.)
Flying Dogs: Flying Dog Canis Minor Beer Dinner Buffet During Craft Brewers Conference & Flying Dog to Offer Low Gravity Series


  1. Daniel: If they can do that, they should also do another one on the rear of the BMW to push away cars that are tailgating. Haha.

  2. These were awesome, I need to find time to get through all of them. I liked the Kodak one a lot, personally.
    I work for Flying Dog Brewery and we launched a fake series of beers yesterday. check out our various blogs and twitter stream for the excitement.
    josh mishell’s last blog post..flyingdog: Frederick, MD People: TweetUp @ Cafe Nola this eve. at 6 PM. Come by, have a Flying Dog and meet some Frederick tweeters.

  3. Michael Kauffman: No way! The Gmail prank was too obvious.
    Josh Mishell: Interesting. Too bad we don’t have flying dog beer in Singapore.

  4. The Panda joke got me shuddering in disbelief and hilarious laughter! Really cannot take the article… but quite funny.
    The Youtube was quite LOL. But the funniest is gBall. Damn cool leh, can kick the ball around the world, still can track via GPS 😛
    nicole’s last blog post..one more week less

  5. Josh: Wow, I didn’t know that its also available in Singapore. Will check it out soon. 🙂
    Nicole: The gBall prank is clever. Did you read their FAQ. Damn funny.

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