Did South East CDC steal sample photo from iStockphoto?

Got this info from SPUG forum.


This is a flyer from South East CDC on their NextGen Leadership Programme. If you notice, there is watermark on the 3 models. The watermark is from iStockphoto. In fact, we’ve found the guy and the last girl. Can’t find the girl in the middle, but we are sure that she is also from iStockphoto. (Let me know if you can find the girl in the middle)

Did South East CDC took the sample photo from iStockphoto without paying? Or did they pay already, but the designer bo bo use the one with watermark? Who approved this banner anyway? Got watermark on the models and they still go ahead and use it?

If want to use image, get from those free image sites.
If want to get from iStockphoto, pay for it.
If don’t want to pay for it, at least use photoshop to remove the watermarking lah.

I’m just kidding for the last point. Not recommending anyone to photoshop away the watermarking. If you want to use the photos, pay the photographers. One photo is around US$18.

Update: Just got an email from South East CDC clarifying the issue. The vendor that create this flyer for South East CDC had paid for the rights to use the images. The file that we saw on the website is the working file which was posted by mistake. The approved version doesn’t have watermark. So there is no infringement of copyrights here.

4 Responses to 'Did South East CDC steal sample photo from iStockphoto?'

  1. lodestar says:

    send this to mrbrown. i bet we can draw a few more gd laughs outta it.

  2. Hillary says:

    Hi DK,

    Afaik, a designer will usually create a mock-up with watermarked images for the client/boss to approve before buying the images.

    This may have been a case of the mock-up mistakenly sent to the printer instead of the final artwork.

    Hillary’s last blog post..Sunday Sharing – Easter 2009

  3. dk says:

    Hillary: Yeap, you are right. They used the mock up by mistake. :)

  4. Felix Ker says:

    Seriously, it just shows how the people effort the people put in their work.

    Uploading mock-up and don’t check? Unacceptable.

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