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Aware new guards – Doing more harm than good

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with all these people. Study so much yet can’t think properly. They think they are doing a good job. They think they are pushing their Anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) ideology the right way. They think their takeover of Aware is right and will go unchallenged. Boy are they very the wrong.

Firstly, the old Aware isn’t Pro-LGBT. So why is there a need to takeover them? And that bunch of woman took over Aware like an invasion, thinking people will sit down there let them do whatever they like? Wake up girls. And after taking over the place, they all create a hell of a mess by sacking people, changing locks and allow burly man inside the centre. Hello, that is a woman counselling centre, use your brain a little can? You do until like that, how to gain supporters for your clause?

And by pushing their Anti-LGBT ideology, they made many pro-LGBT people join Aware.

If the new guards don’t get overthrown this Saturday, Aware will go down as a Christian Fundamentalist group that is Anti-LGBT and lose all its creditability. The old guards can always setup another association and continue their work. The people will support the old Aware members where ever they go.

If the new guards gets overthrown, we might have another problem. Ever since the call for vote of no confidence, lots of Pro-LGBT people has joined Aware. When the new guards is out, Aware will have a huge group of Pro-LGBT members. Will they use this opportunity to drive Aware towards a Pro-LGBT direction? I hope not. But if that happens, we only got 1 group of people to blame: The Christian Fundamentalist who overthrow the old guard and created this mess.

Like I said previously, everything is peaceful until that bunch of woman come and create trouble. I”m not anti or pro LGBT. But I just can’t stand the way this group of people do things.

OMY Singapore Blog Award is back!

The OMY Singapore Blog Award 2009 is here!!! Woohoo! This year, there is a slight change in the categories. There are 10 categories, up from 7 last year. The categories this year are:-

EASB 最佳青苹果部落格 / EASB Best Youth Blog – This category is for all blogs written by bloggers below 16 years old.

最佳摄影部落格 / Best Photography Blog – This category is for professional photography blogs.

最佳个人靓照部落格 / Best Modeling Blog – This category is for blogs with lots of self portraits and modeling photos.

最佳饮食部落格 / Best Food Blog – This category is for blogs featuring food content.

最不可思议部落格 / Best What-The-Hell Blog – Blogs which focus on the strange, the underground… topics that make you go WTH.

最具深度部落格 / Most Insightful Blog – This category is for serious blogs with interesting and revealing insights, analytical reports, dealing with various social issues.

最佳生活资讯部落格 / Best Lifestyle Blog – This category is for blogs with strong lifestyle content.

最具娱乐性部落格 / Most Laugh-Out-Loud Blog – Blogs with strong humour that cackles up readers.

最佳 e-shop部落格 / Best e-Commerce Blog – This category is for blogs which deal with online commercial activities.

最具个人特色部落格 / Best Individual Blog – This category is for individualistic blogs with free-wheeling content about daily lives and musings that cannot fit into any categorisation.

The 3 new categories this year are Best Modeling Blog, Best What-The-Hell Blog and Most Laugh-Out-Loud Blog.

If you remember, I was in the top 10 for Most Insightful Blog category last year. But I didn’t win. Too many good blogs competing already. hmmmm…… I wonder if I’ll get nominated this year. And if I do, which category will I be in.

Anyway, nomination is now open. You got 5 weeks to nominate your favorite blog. Nomination close on 7 June 2009. I know still far away but hor don’t be like file tax like that, wait until last day then go online and file. Nominate your favorite blog now.

Review: Sony Walkman NWZ-W202

Sony just released a new Walkman W series MP3 player last Saturday. I just got a unit from Sony today. So I guess I can call this fresh from the oven.


The NWZ-W202 is a 2GB flash based MP3 player with a very unique design. There is no tangling wires. The entire MP3 player is the headset itself. A magnet holds the 2 ear piece together when not in use. This unique design allows users to listen to MP3 on the go without the fear of their earphone wire being hooked. Weighing just 35 grams, the W202 is foldable and very portable. The earpiece needs a little while to get used to. But once you are used to it, the MP3 player fits nicely and you won’t even feel that it is there.


I think gals with long hair can use their hair to cover the NWZ-W202 completely. It is quite suitable for wearing while doing exercise. The gym goers will love this. During the launch event, Sony demonstrated the usefulness of this design by getting a few dancers do hip hop on a bus.

Not something I would recommend you to do on a bus or train, but nobody is stopping you if you really enjoy your music and want to break into a dance.

The W202 doesn’t have a screen. Well, with such design, even if there is a screen, you won’t be able to see it unless you take it off. So to solve the problem of finding a song, the W202 comes with an interesting feature call ZAPPIN. You can activate ZAPPIN by press and holding to the jog dial. Once activated, ZAPPIN will play the main chorus of each song for a few seconds and skip to the next track. Once you found the song that you are looking for, just exit ZAPPIN by pressing the jog dial and the W202 will play the song from the beginning. The jog dial also make navigation easy.


The W202 has a battery life of up to 12 hours. There is also a quick charge function which allows the device to playback up to 90 minutes with only 3 minutes of charging. A nice looking charging dock is included in the package. But you can always grab any mini USB cable you have lying around for charging and data transferring.


The Sony Walkman W series NWZ-W202 is now available in Singapore with a retail price of S$129.00. Comes in 5 colours: Black, Violet, Pink, Green and White.

dsc05019 dsc05020

In short:
A simple MP3 player with unique design

Unique design – Suitable for exercise
Quick Charge feature

Only available in 2GB

Many thanks to Audrey from Hill & Knowlton and Sony for inviting me to the press event and sending me a NWZ-W202.


PS: I think the W202 is pretty suitable for jogging. Hmmmm…. Maybe I should go jogging with it soon. Maybe only hor……

Update: Some of the NWZ-W202 are known to have issues when contacted with moisture. Sony will do a replacement for W202 damaged by moisture.

Acer launch new Smart Handhelds in Singapore

Acer launched 5 new Smart Handhelds (or Smartphones) last Wednesday morning. Being a morning event, there are only 3 bloggers present at the event. The rest either working or still sleeping. Anyway, the 5 models being launch at the press conference are Acer DX650, DX900, X960, M900 and F900.


The DX650 is a dual sided phone. On 1 side is a 2.8 inch touch screen like most smartphones. The other side is like a candybar phone with a 1.27 inch OLED screen. This is a unique design targeted at first time Smartphone users. THe DX650 will retail at S$599.


DX900 is a dual-SIM window mobile smartphone. Dual-SIM is great for business users. You can have one business SIM card and one personal SIM card on 1 phone. Or when traveling oversea, you can have one local SIM card and one home SIM card. The DX900 will retail at S$799.


X960 is a 2.8 inch VGA touchscreen smartphone. It will retail at S$699.


M900 is a 3.8 inch WVGA touchscreen smartphone with a side sliding QWERTY keyboard. It also has a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the phone and accessing a private folder. The M900 will be available in the market from May 09.


F900 is a 3.8 inch WVGA touchscreen smartphone. It will be available in the market from May 09.

If you notice, nowadays, phone hardware are more or less similar. The thing that sets them apart is the user interface. All 5 new model uses Windows Mobile 6.1. DX650 and DX900 uses Spb Mobile Shell v2.1 interface while X960, M900 and F900 uses Acer Shell v2.0 interface.

I did a brief walkthru on the interface for both Spb Mobile Shell v2.1 and Acer Shell v2.0.

Spb Shell v2.1 interface on Acer DX900

It is strange that Acer is using Spb Shell v2.1 instead of the latest v3.0. Nevertheless, the Spb shell is pretty responsive.

Acer Shell v2.0 on Acer F900

The Acer Shell v2.0 reminds me of Android and TouchFLO combined. Like the Spb Shell, its also pretty responsive.

Many thanks to Andrew from ICON International and Acer for the invite.

Spiderman spotted in NUS

All along I thought Spiderman only appears in NYC.

Good one. Help the students destress a little during the exam period.