My MP is coming to my block

My MP is coming to my block! Woohoo!
I thought they only have this kind of Party during election period. Wow, I’m totally impressed.
And do you know what this means? This means that the cleaners and town council staff will be EXTRA motivated by my MP’s visit. My block will be super duper clean this weekend for his visit. I doubt my MP has the magical power to make new trees pop out a few days before his visit like what my PM did. But having my block become super clean is good enough. Thank you Mr Lim. Please come to my block more often.
And I hope the 3 legged, 4 legged and 5 legged Grassroots leaders don’t come knocking at my door on Sunday and ask me to attend this party. If they do, I’ll surely bring up topics like North West CDC 8 Months bonus and By Election in Jurong GRC.

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