Pink Dot – Freedom to love, not mass balloon release

Argh, why is it that all these non profit organization likes to release balloons into the air so much huh? Earth Hour released 60 balloons to signify the 60 minutes of earth hour. Marriage Central released 1000 balloons to signify soaring love. Now Pink Dot also release balloons into the air. For what? So what does “releasing of balloons” signify this time?
When will people ever learn that mass release of balloons is bad for the environment? Its considered littering. Except this kind of “litter” goes up to the air first before coming down to earth several kilometers away. If the balloon lands in the sea (which is very likely considering the fact that Singapore is surrounded by sea), it might pose a threat to marine life. I really hope everyone read this article by UK Marine Conservation Society on mass balloon release. Please, stop mass balloon release.
I hate to ruin the party here. I have nothing against Pink Dot or LGBT. In fact, if you read my past blog entry about the Aware Saga, you will know that I’m neutral on LGBT. I’m totally against any form of discrimination against LGBT and I’m glad that Pink Dot is doing something to bring about awareness on the issues faced by LGBT. In fact, I was nearby during the event and I pop by for a while to show my support although I’m not wearing pink. (Sorry lah, I don’t have any pink clothes) I think by the time I reach there, the balloon release was already over. Didn’t know there was a balloon release. Else I would have written to the organisers to ask them to reconsider.
I really hope the balloon release is because of ignorance. Many people have mass balloon release as part of their event activities without knowing that it causes much harm to our environment.
I hope the organisers will find other ways to put their message across next time. You don’t need to release any balloons to spread your message. Holding on to the balloons works just as well.
Update: Thanks to Andrew for informing me that the Mass Balloon Release wasn’t part of the program and volunteers from pink dot also went around asking participants not to release balloons. Good job guys! 🙂


  1. hey man, totally with you. The volunteers were running around telling everyone not to release the balloons.. but you know Singaporeans lah.
    Were you there btw?
    ps. Marriage Central is not a ngo lah

  2. Andrew: Good to hear that the volunteers went around asking people not to release the balloon. For a moment I thought it was part of the plan. 🙂
    I reach there pretty late on Saturday. By the time I was there, the pink dot already disperse already. Hee hee. Paiseh. Kinda last minute thing for me.

  3. the balloon release has nthg to do with the pinkdot organisers ok…its the ppl they wanna do it themselves….
    i was there i think they do so to signify the freedom to love.i see couples writing stuff on da balloon then release,and some tied 2 balloons 2gether like forever tt kinda thing….
    thks for ur concern for da environment but i think a lil for the right occasion is ok?not the 1000 u gave as example…that one so many will die leh…
    my 2 cents worth…

  4. Ron: I’m glad that its nothing to do with the organisers.
    But I have to disagree with you that a little for the right occasion is ok. There shouldn’t be such thing as “right occasion” to release balloon.

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