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Create a short story with your Playlist and win a Nokia Comes With Music Device

Actually I don’t want to plug this contest. Because if more people knows about it, that means the chances of me winning will be lesser. But since the folks at Nokia and Text100 fed me well during their event and let me play with their flagship N97 a few weeks before the official launch, I think I should plug a bit. Just a bit. Hope not too many people see this blog entry. So at least my chances of winning will be higher. (Hahahaha…. OK, ok….. I’m just crapping)

Create the Best Short Story with your Playlist!

Create a short story using song titles and the best short story will win a Nokia Comes With Music Device. (Not sure which model yet. But who cares, as long as it comes with music) The theme for the story is “The Adventure”. You can either do a Youtube video, blog entry or a photo. When you are done, just post your entry on the Nokia Music Facebook Wall. For more info, refer to the contest page.

Hurry up, cause the contest closing date is 31 May 2009.

TwtBizCard – Business card, the Twitter way

We really lost count on the number of ways people use Twitter. Couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry on some of the ways that you can use twitter. But that was just the tip of the ice berg.

Recently, I saw this new application for twitter call TwtBizCard. Its a cool way to exchange Business card with fellow Twitter users. All you need is to go to their website and fill in your details. The site allows you to enter details like Your company, position, address, country, office, fax and mobile number and email address.

To send someone your TwtBizCard, all you need to do is to write a tweet reply to the person you want to send your tweet card, a short message (optional) and a hashtag #twtbizcard. The person would be able too access TwtBizCard website to view your Business Card.

I think this is a great application. Pretty useful during Tweetup or social media networking event. And its environmental friendly too. Your privacy is also protected. If you didn’t send someone your TwtBizCard, the person won’t be able to see your address, phone number and email.

Somehow, this sort of reminds me of the good old days when PalmOS devices are still very popular. It’s common for people to use their PDA to beam Business Card to each other, especially during those Palm Beaming Gathering (PBG). Really missed those days.

So if you are active on the Social Media scene, why not give TwtBizCard a try. It’s a great way to exchange contacts. Save the trees while impressing some hot babes on Twitter.

PS: This also reminds me of a device call Poken which Preetam showed me couple weeks back. Well, that’s for another blog entry. :)

Memorial Day

Interesting to find out that America is celebrating Memorial Day now. (Last Monday of May) Memorial Day is a day to commemorates US men and women who died while in the military service. Its nice that a country actually have a public holiday to honour those who lost their life while serving the country, although I don’t really agree with most of the wars that US engage in recent years.

If you have the chance, do catch the movie call “Taking Chance“. It’s based on a true story about an officer escorting the body of a servicemen who lost his life in Iraq. A very touching movie.

Sometimes I wish that Singapore honor the men and women who served the army as much as America does. Its weird that we are a nation with compulsory conscription yet we don’t really respect the men and women in uniform. I know, you often see me complaining about national service. But end of the day, I still feel that it is something very important to Singapore.

Our 3 local Telco’s Data Roaming charges are daylight robbery

I might be going Malaysia for 2 days soon. Knowing that I’ll die of internet withdrawal syndrome if I go without internet connection for too long, I went to check the Data Roaming charges to Malaysia. And I think I almost die with white foaming at mouth when I saw the charges by our 3 local telco.

Singtel’s Data Roaming charges to Malaysia is S$22 per MB.
Starhub’s Data Roaming charges to Malaysia is S$20.48 per MB.
M1’s Data Roaming charges to Malaysia is also S$20.48 per MB.

Before you start mouth foaming, Singtel has a Bridge DataRoam plan that gives you cheaper roam data charges to 11 countries. S$24 for 5mb or S$48 for 15mb or S$96 for 40mb. Wow. At least its not as bad as S$22 for 1mb. But still, its enough for anyone to have seizures and die with mouth foaming.

And I love the way Singtel puts it in their FAQ. “For 5MB, you can download an average of 100 emails. (Based on an average size of 50 kilobytes per email.)” Wow, suddenly I feels much better. I can read 100 emails for the price of $24 ONLY. Isn’t that amazing? But you can’t visit my blog for more than 4 times because my blog is around 1mb plus. Which means if you are on pay as you roam and browsing my website, you are paying more than S$22 everytime you load my blog.

Wah. *Seizures* *Mouth foaming*

Seriously, its like daylight robbery. In fact, the local pay as you use data charges are also daylight robbery. Come on, why is 3G data pricing so much like 56kbps internet pricing 8 years ago? All this is hindering the public from taking up the service.

I know the pricing of Data Roaming is decided by both the local telco and their partners in other countries. But honestly, they should really relook at the pricing. Reducing the charges will increase the number of people using the service. What the point of charging so high when everyone turn off their data when roaming?

On the side note, Malaysia’s Celcom has a Broadband Prepaid data card that cost RM$25 (pre-loaded credit of RM$20) that gives you 24 hours unlimited data at RM$6 or 7 days unlimited data at RM$20. Now that makes much more sense.

Update: If you are intending to buy a data card with Celcom, please read this blog entry first.

I did not ask my friend to be a social escort

Few days back, my friend email me a page from the Women’s Weekly (June 09, page 200) saying that I’m on the magazine. Wow, another 5 seconds of fame. But how the heck did I appear on Women’s Weekly? The article is about a girl who works as a social escort but kept the secret from her boyfriend. Wow, how did I get associated to such story.


It says that her friend, by the name DK, says that she is suitable for the social escort business. Shit. Alarm bell start ringing in my head. I started recalling that I made that sort of comments jokingly to my friends in the past. Did my friend really took my comment seriously and become a social escort? WAIT!!! The article say that the “DK” had a dry run and confirmed that she would fetch a high price. I never had a dry run on anyone before. So it’s not me! HENG AH!

So let’s just make this clear first. The DK on June 09 edition of Women’s Weekly page 200 is not me hor. That is not my 5 seconds of “fame”. Not me lah.