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Code::XtremeApps:: – Last call!!!

Last call for all developers interested in taking part in Code::XtremeApps::, Singapore’s only 24 hour programming competition.


The registration dateline for Code::XtremeApps:: is on 25 May 2009. Which means you have a few more days left. And no, this is not like tax filing where they will give you extension for e-filing. If you miss the cut off date, you will need to wait till next year.

Are you game enough to take up this 24 hour programming challenge?

Check out my previous blog post for more info about Code::XtremeApps::. Visit their website to register.

Quick quick, no time already.

Nokia N97 Blogger preview

I was given the chance to touch/play/molest the new Nokia N97 for a short while. The N97 isn’t released in the market yet, and not many people outside Nokia have touched it before. We were one of the selected lucky few who get the first hand experience on it.


Let’s talk about the hardware first. I love the hardware on the N97. 3.5 inch resistive touchscreen, 32gb built in memory. Yes, that is not a typo, 32 freaking Gigabyte of memory. At 32gb memory, you most likely won’t need anymore expansion, but Nokia still include a MicroSD slot, allowing up to 16gb MicroSD card. Madness. 5 megapixel camera which can record video at 30fps VGA quality. Standard HSDPA, Wifi, Bluetooth 2.0 and GPS. Charging and data transfer is thru a MicroUSB slot which is the future standard for all phones. 3.5mm jack for earphone. And it comes with a digital compass too. (Boy am I beginning to love digital compass) It’s bigger than most smartphones out there (Because of the Qwerty keyboard) and weighs around 150g.


The best part is the slide out Qwerty keyboard. When you slide the keyboard out, the screen is tilted roughly 30 degrees (My rough estimation). This make the N97 looks like a mini computer. The Qwerty keyboard is quite ok to type with. There is also a 4 direction navigation pad which is pretty useful. I love the tilted screen. It seems like Nokia did quite a bit of research on the best angle to tilt the screen. I think the N97 would look great on the table, sitting at one corner while showing updates from your widgets like facebook or stocks.


Speaking of widgets, when you first turn on the N97, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of things happening concurrently on the home screen. In fact, it’s pretty scary at first. But after a while, you’ll get used to it. Just imagine the home screen being sliced into 6 equal part and you can put a widget in each segment. Apart from the clock/date widget, all the remaining 5 widget can be remove or rearranged to your liking. You can even leave it blank if you find it too overwhelming. If your boss or someone walk pass, you can quickly do a left or right finger swipe and all the widgets on the home screen will be hidden from sight. Cool feature.


There are some interesting widgets currently available. I think the most widely used widget will be the facebook widget. There is also widgets for boomberg, AccuWeather, Hi5, Myspace just to name a few. For local content, there are widgets for Straits Times, SG Buses, Cab, SGX and a few more. One widget that is sadly missing from the current lineup is a widget for Twitter. But not to worry, I’m sure developers will create a Twitter widget for N97 shortly which will be available on the Ovi store for download. I didn’t managed to peek into Ovi store for N97. Maybe they have some secrets there. *cough*


Overall, I’m pretty impressed by the hardware and the design of the Nokia N97. Love the way the screen pops out and tilt to a comfortable angle. I think it will look good on a office table (or my computer table). And it should be pretty useful for video calls too. As for the apps in Ovi Store, its still too early to judge. Let’s see what interesting apps the developers create.


The Nokia N97 comes in Black and White colour. (I personally prefer the black colour) It will be officially launch in this region on 5 June at KL, Malaysia. Someone from Tech65 will be flying over to cover the event. Guess who. :)

Thanks to Felicia from Text100 and Nokia for the sneak preview.

International Museum Day 2009

The International Museum Day is here again. From 23 to 31 May 2009, all the Museums under National Heritage Board will be organizing events and activities to celebrate IMD. This year IMD theme is Holiday Fun at Home.


Check out the IMD09 site for the list of exciting activities taking place during IMD. Or join the Making History facebook group for more updates.

Oh, and there will be a Open House on 31 May 2009. Free entry too all the participating museums. Anyone want to go on a museum hopping gathering?

PS: Just wondering. Why is it call International Museum Day when it is from 23 to 31 May 2009?

Will #followfriday on Twitter work?

It’s Friday again. And you know what will happen in Twitter on Friday? #followfriday on twitter. I don’t know where or when this #followfriday trend started. But honestly, I don’t find it useful to me at all.

Sorry, but whenever someone post a #followfriday tweet, all I see is a long list of twitter-ers whom the person thinks is interesting. But I have no idea why that person is interesting and why I would also be interested in following that person’s tweet.

I was thinking, instead of posting a long list of people whom you think is interesting, why not just post one person per tweet and have a brief intro on the person and why you think he/she is worth following.

Here is my first #followfriday tweet which I did last Friday.

This is the first time I do #followfriday. @siewkumhong. I really respect him for his contribution as Nominated Member of Parliament.

Would this be better compared to just listing out twitter-ers whom you think is interesting?

Even shopping malls are using Twitter

I was kinda curious when a userid @tampines1 followed me on twitter. At first I thought its just some fan of the new shopping mall Tampines 1. But as I was reading the past tweet, I start to suspect that the twitter account might be managed by the mall management or their PR company.

Its interesting to see a shopping mall using Twitter to update followers on the events and promotion at the shopping mall. Things like “Get a limited edition Uniqlo bag with a minimum $150 purchase” and “loves the jazz band at the atrium. Last performance for the day is at 8pm“. Wait, there is a Jazz band performing at Tampines 1? How come I didn’t see it during my last visit? Maybe should check it out. But Tampines 1 is very far from Jurong West leh.

Good to have a shopping mall like Tampines 1 make use of Twitter and new media. They mentioned that they are new to Twitter and still trying to learn new media. I think they are doing a good job. Let’s hope they continue to update this twitter account after the initial hype. Oh ya, Tampines 1 have a blog too.