I'm in the final 10 for the Search for N contest!

I’m in the final 10 for the Search for N contest! Woohoo!
Round 1 was tough. It was easy to figure out the answer since they are all related to the Nokia N97. But hard to be the first 10 to enter the answer in the form and press the submit button. I was virtually refreshing the blog every second slightly before 7pm last night. (Sorry Claudia! Hee hee) I even memorize the answer so that I can fill in the form fast when the blog entry was released.
So now I’m in the final 10. One step closer to winning the Nokia N97, before its launched in the market. Woohoo! Now, the last stage for the Search for N goes like this. At 11am sharp tomorrow (4th June), the clue to the secret location will be released. The 10 of us will have to decipher the clue and rush down to the secret location within 2 hours to collect our Nokia N97. But only the first 6 person who arrives will get the phone. The remaining 4 will walk away with nothing. (I think) The chances of winning are pretty high. So may the best man/lady win.
Here is what I’m planning to do. As I’m living in Jurong West, its quite inconvenient for me to start from my house. Therefore I’ll most likely be making my way to town area, find a Starbucks that is near a taxi stand. (No prize for guessing which Starbucks I’ll be at) Then I’ll use my netbook to check the clue, decipher it and dash to the secret location either by taxi, train or run. Its like the amazing race like that. Exciting right? If I got time, I’ll twitter on my way too. So follow my twitter feed for the latest update.
Actually, I have another strategy in mind. I can go to Nokia’s PR agency office, wait outside and stalk the person when she leaves the office to the secret location. Like that confirm win. Wahahahahahaha. OK OK. I’m kidding. Don’t do that lah.
Wish me luck for tomorrow. Need lots of them.


  1. Xinyun: Thanks.
    Claudia: Sell my iPhone? So many scratches liao, not worth much.
    Molemole: You sure or not? Most of the coffee bean location not so good leh.

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