Review: Samsung SyncMaster Lapfit Display

This is one of those review units that comes to my desk and made me wonder, how should I review it. It’s a monitor. OK, not just any monitor. A Lapfit monitor. It’s specially designed to pair with a laptop and act as a secondary display. (Although nothing is stopping you from using it as a normal monitor) You might have already seen it on my blog a couple of days ago when I took a photo of my overkill setup for watching WWDC.
The Samsung Lapfit display comes in 18.5 inch (SyncMaster LD190G) and 21.5 inch (SyncMaster LD220G). The review unit I got is a 18.5 inch display. The Lapfit monitor looks beautiful. It’s glossy which means it’s a fingerprint magnet. But then, since you are not going to be touching the lapfit monitor frequently, this shouldn’t be any issue. The lapfit monitor can be tilted easily (between 10 to 40 degrees) to match your laptop display.

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The biggest difference between the lapfit display and other monitor is the lack of stand. The lapfit monitor is specially designed to match the height of your laptop. This is a very interesting concept. In the past, people usually lift up their laptop to match the hight of the monitor or just leave the 2 display at different height. Samsung is giving us a display that matches the height of the laptop.
The Lapfit monitor comes with a VGA port and a USB port. Which is good because some notebook/netbook don’t come with a VGA port nowadays. Setting up is very simple. Just install the driver, plug in the USB and you are good to go. I think most people would prefer to use USB instead of the VGA port. The Samsung Lapfit Display comes with software that helps you adjust the setting easily without the need to go into the complicated display setting. But here is a problem. Most laptop only has 2 or 3 USB port. The lapfit display will take away one USB port if you are using the USB option. If only the lapfit display comes with a built in USB hub too. That would make the lapfit a perfect device.
The lapfit monitor is very energy efficient. It uses 33% less energy than conventional monitors. Samsung is really doing a good job with the LCD monitor display. The display is beautiful. I can really see a huge difference when I link the lapfit display to my iMac. Oh yes, the lapfit display supports MacOS too.
The Samsung SyncMaster LD190G is selling at S$239 and the LD220G is S$339. As a whole, the lapfit monitor does what it is supposed to do well, act as a secondary display for a laptop. It is interesting that Samsung design a monitor specially to match the height of a laptop. If you are looking for a monitor to dual screen your laptop, the Samsung SyncMaster Lapfit Display is worth considering.
In Short:
A monitor specially designed to match the height of your laptop
Beautiful display
Easy setup
Designed specially for laptop
Take up one USB slot
Thanks to Daniel from Samsung for sending me the review unit.
PS: The LD190G and LD220G is having a promotional price of $229 and $309 respectively at the PC Show (11 to 14 June 2009, Suntec). And if you print this voucher, you’ll get additional $20 Takashimaya voucher.


  1. The Lapfit LD220G monitor indeed comes with a USB hub on it, so it solves the problem that the review states on the “dislike” section. I assume the reviewer only reviewed the LD190G which does not include a USB hub in the monitor…

  2. I need to activate my samsung Lapfit display comes in 18.5 inch (SyncMaster LD190G) with existing desktop PC.
    OS windows 7(32 bit).
    Earlier it was working in same system with OS windows 8 (32 bit).
    Please advise what to do & if possible send me the actual driver link of SyncMaster LD190G.

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