Lenovo launch Thinkpad T400s

Lenovo announced the new Thinkpad T400s, a 14.1 inch laptop that is just 2.11 cm thick thin and weighs 1.77 kg. It’s like combining the thinness of the X300 with the screen size and performance of the T400. Best of both world. According to Lenovo, the ‘s’ in the T400s stands for “Slim”.
I managed to get a sneak peak a couple of weeks ago when I collect the Lenovo S10-2 review unit.
Apart from the slim form factor, Lenovo also spend a lot of effort improving the keyboard. As you already know, the Thinkpad series already has one of the best laptop keyboard in the world. One of the main changes to the keyboard is the bigger “Esc” and “Delete” button. According to Lenovo, these are the 2 buttons that most users press (And we all wonder why). Lenovo also minimized key spacing to create a more modern appearance and keeping the crumbs out. But the keyboard still gives you the same great feel as all Thinkpad keyboard.
NOTE: I’m not sure which country’s keyboard is this. But if you notice, the ~ key, @ key and ” key are positioned differently. But not to worry, those keys will be in the correct position for local set.
The general look and feel of the Thinkpad still remains the same. Still the non-nonsense professional looking Thinkpad, except slimmer. Still comes with the same iconic red Trackpoint. (Which I’m a huge fan of it) But for touchpad lovers, you’ll be glad to hear that touchpad has been improved to give you the textured feel, just like the touchpad found on the Lenovo Y650. There is also a separate microphone and speaker mute button. Pretty useful for those who uses VoIP frequently.
And like most Thinkpad, the T400s comes with roll cage which provides improved durability. Which I guess you have already seen it by now. The T400s have 2 USB port, 1 eSATA port, 1 VGA port, 1 Ethernet port, fingerprint scanner and a 2megapixel camera. Docking bay will also be available as an option for users who wants to expand their work space. Some models will come with 3G modem built in, although we are not sure if these models will be coming to Singapore.
The only down side is that the Lenovo Thinkpad T400s comes with a starting price of SG$3,199 . Ouch. But worth every cent if you can afford it.


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