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Don’t bug the President of United States

This fly must be tired of living. Of all people in the world, it decide to bug the President of United States. Doesn’t the fly knows that this man is the commander-in-chief of the army and navy of the United States. It is lucky that Obama didn’t order the troops to wipe out the entire Fly population in the world.

Well, at least the fly get a few seconds of air time on all major news network.

Lenovo Thinkpad T400s run over by a 26 000 pounds vehicle

This has got to be one of the coolest reviews ever.

The Thinkpad didn’t survive the 26000 pound vehicle. But the most important thing is, the harddisk is still intact. Come on, honestly, which is more expensive? Your notebook or data? And that is a 26000 pound vehicle. And this is not a ruggedized notebook. It’s a normal Thinkpad.

I got this feeling that it will survive when run over by a normal car. *cough* Anyone got a spare T400s for me to test out? *cough* I can provide a car to do testing *cough*

OK, maybe running a 26000 pound vehicle over your notebook is a little far fetched. Here are some “more realistic” scenario that you might encounter as a mobile warrior.

And by the way, T400s wasn’t officially announced yet.

Microsoft to sell Windows 7 without IE in Europe

I was laughing when I heard the new. Microsoft to sell Windows 7 without Internet Explorer in Europe. This is most likely in response to the 2007 Anti-trust complaint that Microsoft was using its market dominance in bundling IE into the Windows operating system.

Somehow I feel that Microsoft is trying to play punk with EU now. How can an Operating System come without an internet browser? The biggest question I have now is, then how do they download Firefox or Chrome without IE?

Most likely Internet Explorer will come in another CD when you buy Windows 7 in Europe. Or there will be a way for you to download IE when you are connected to the internet. But doesn’t that brings everything back to square one? I doubt Microsoft will put in options for users to download their competitors product. It’s like buying Hotcakes meal from McDonalds and requesting they change the coffee to a Starbucks Mocha.

Face it, an internet browser is an important part of an operating system. Some might even call an internet browser an operating system. By removing IE from Windows 7, you are only making things difficult for consumers. Maybe PC makers will bundle IE, Firefox or Chrome in their computers. But what about users who upgrade from Windows XP/Vista?

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel that all these anti-trust law is starting to go overboard. What is wrong with Microsoft bundling software with the Operating System? Bundling software to operating system benefits consumers.

So can a calculator software maker ask EU to make Microsoft to remove calculator from Windows? How about Notepad? Paint? Heck, if someone decided to write a file explorer for windows, can he ask EU to make Microsoft remove Windows Explorer from windows? Then might as well ask Microsoft to reduce Windows to bare bones which can only execute programs.

And so what if the IE is bundled with Windows 7? Instead of complaining, the other internet browser makers should look into ways to make their application more attractive and market them to the masses. Microsoft does have an advantage over the rest. But is that an unfair advantage? I don’t think so. Its still a fair game for everyone. If your browser is good, people will switch over. Work on your product and marketing.

This blog entry is written using Chrome running on Windows XP which was preloaded with IE.

Singtel iPhone 3.0 allows tethering. Starhub and M1 needs a bit of workaround

iPhone 3.0 firmware is out yesterday night (Singapore time). If you are a iPhone user, do upgrade to the new firmware soon. There are lots of great new features on the new 3.0 firmware. Things like cut/copy/paste, Spotlight Search, MMS, landscape, Stereo Bluetooth and internet tethering. FINALLY.

Speaking of internet tethering, you might want to note that Singtel allows it’s iPhone users to use their iPhone for tethering. Tethering is not currently offered in the U.S. and some other countries. Lucky for us in Singapore, Singtel allows all iPhone 3.0 users to use internet tethering. After you have upgraded to 3.0, go to Settings/General/Network/Internet Tethering and turn internet tethering on. You may choose to use internet tethering via bluetooth or USB cable. But judging by iPhone battery life, I would suggest you use USB cable whenever possible or see your iPhone battery drain at hyper speed.


But here is the problem. If you are using a iPhone but on Starhub or M1 line, you will not be able to use Internet Tethering. I tried using a Starhub SIM Card on my iPhone and when I plug the phone to my netbook, I discovered that the Tethering option disappears. I guess the same will happen for M1 iPhone users.


I guess the iPhone will check with Apple to see if the operator is allowed to use the Internet Tethering option. Since Starhub and M1 doesn’t carry iPhone, they are most likely not inside Apple’s approved list. Which explains why the Tethering option disappear after I slot in a Starhub SIM card. But someone posted a workaround to get iPhone Tethering on all operator. Use it at your own risk.

And one more thing to note, even though you turn on Internet Tethering, note that data charges still applies. It’s easier for you to exceed your 500MB/1GB/2GB free data usage when you are using Internet Tethering. So watch your usage.


Update: For the uninitiated, Internet Tethering means using your phone as a 3G modem to access internet. This is especially useful if there is no WIFI network around you and you don’t have a 3G modem. But data charges still applies as per normal since it is using your 3G data to access internet. PS: This feature has been many other phones since long long time ago. If I not wrong, my old trusty SE K800i can do Internet Tethering.

Update 2: Tethering for Starhub and M1 doesn’t work on firmware 3.1. So far, I haven’t found any workaround. BUT not to worry. Starhub and M1 will be carrying iPhone soon. Which means Apple will allow the 2 telco’s SIM card to use tethering soon.

Update 3: M1 and Starhub users can use internet tethering now without any jailbreaking/workaround. Just follow the steps above.

Dee Kay Dot As Gee Recession Giveaway: Limited Edition “Live it up” Rings

In these troubled times **Drink**, everyone is trying to cut down on their spending. One of the best way to cut down spending is to cut down on unnecessary things. For example, shopaholic can cut down on shopping, alcoholic can cut down on drinking and smokers can cut down on smoking. I don’t have anything to help the shopaholic and alcoholic out there. But I do have something that can help smokers cut down on smoking. It’s a special limited edition “Live it up without lighting up” ring.


This is a very special ring. It’s quite big and fits into 2 fingers. Wear it on your middle and index finger as a reminder that you shouldn’t be smoking during these troubled times **Drink**. Or a fashion statement, since it’s recession and you don’t have money to get new accessories. And while you are at it, you can also SMS to 91380081 for tips to stop smoking. (One tip per day for 5 days)

I got a few of these rings to give out. But hurry, its limited edition and from what I understand, Singapore Health Promotion Board has given out all their rings already. Which means this is the last few chances for you to get these beautiful rings.

How to apply:
Just drop me an email me with the title: “Dee Kay Dot As Gee Recession Giveaway: Limited Edition “Live it up” Rings”.
Refer to the rules for more details.

And in the spirit of “Live it up without lighting up”, I’ve decided to do a face on table shot with the ring.


Thanks to Victor from HPB for passing me the rings.

Update: All rings has been given out