Review: Nokia Comes With Music

Had a chance to try out the Nokia Comes With Music service for 2 weeks. For the uninitiated, Nokia Comes With Music is a service by Nokia which allows Nokia phone users to download unlimited music to their PC and Nokia Comes With Music devices for free.


If I’m not wrong, Singapore is the first in this region to launch this service. The service comes free on selected Nokia phones. The Nokia 5800 is the first phone that has Nokia Comes With Music. (I’ll blog about this phone soon) There are over 6 millions of songs (and increasing) available in Nokia Comes With Music. You can find artist from Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI Group. There is even a range of independent labels available. Apart from International artist, there is also a wide selection of songs by Asian artist. And all these music are available for download at high quality.

You can access Nokia Comes With Music via your Nokia phone or PC. Currently, there is no Mac support yet. The PC software is pretty user friendly. You get to browse based on Genres or Charts or New Release. There is also a feature section. I was reviewing the service during the time when Michael Jackson passed away and the featured section is about him. I find these features very useful because they help you discover songs that you might not have hear before. Searching for song is also easy on the PC software.


The PC software also acts like a music player for you to play all your downloaded music. All the songs have DRM, therefore you can only play in on the PC software or your Nokia phone. I find this alright since it is impossible for the music industry to allow you to download unlimited song DRM free. But I wish they could at least allow you to download maybe 10 or 20 songs DRM free per month or something. Sadly, there is no way to get DRM free music on Nokia Comes With Music.


The best part about the PC software is that you can transfer the music you downloaded from your PC to your Nokia phone using a data cable.

The Nokia Comes With Music on the Nokia phone is pretty much like the PC software, except it has been customised for mobile devices. You can also download music directly from your Nokia phone. But do note that data charges apply if you are not connected to a WIFI spot. So better watch your usage if you don’t have a data plan. It would be good to have a data plan so that you can download music on the go without worrying about the phone bills.


If you purchase a Nokia phone with Nokia Comes With Music service, you’ll get to download unlimited number of song for a period of 12 months. After 12 months, all the music that you downloaded will still be available for you to keep. But you can only listen to those music on the PC software or your Nokia device since it is DRM.

I think the Nokia Comes With Music is a great service. If you are a music lover, you might want to consider getting a phone with Nokia Comes With Music service. The music quality is the best among all the unlimited music download service in Singapore. On top of that, they have a huge collection of music for you to choose. Actually, why bother choosing? Just download everything.

In Short:
Good quality unlimited DRM music for your Nokia phone and PC.

Good quality music format
Huge collection of music to choose from
Easy to transfer music between PC and Phone

No Mac support

Many thanks to Liyi and Nicolette from Text100 and Nokia for giving me a chance to review the Nokia Comes With Music service.

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