No matter how you draw the line, it still doesn’t work

If you notice recently, the lines on the MRT platform has been redrawn. Gone is the yellow funnel lines at the door which never seems to work. For a start, the funnel is too small and force alighting passengers squeeze thru a small gap left by the boarding passengers. I’m glad they finally replaced the yellow line with something better.


SMRT replaced the yellow line with Red and Green line. And the funnel is actually wider now which gives more space to alighting passengers. But does it work?


Nope. It’s useless. No matter how you draw the line, get Phua Chu Kang to grumble or position staff at the platform, it still doesn’t work.

Perhaps installing some spikes will help. What do you think?

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  1. Jerrick says:

    I know what they should do. Install pressure sensors and if they detect people standing there when they shouldn’t be. Have a voice come one, Please stand behind the red line. And when they don’t listen, the voice will become less polite, and less polite. and Eventually. OOI. STAND BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE LA! YOU THINK I SPEND SO MUCH MONEY DRAW THOSE LINES FOR DECORATION ONE ISSIT?
    .-= Jerrick´s last blog ..Quicky: The Brothers Bloom =-.

  2. @kskb says:

    I got idea. Should change the sliding doors and make them like those irritating automatic swinging doors. Swing outwards and sweep those campers away!

  3. Hey @kskb,

    I think you got a great idea there. They could install at the sliding doors at the station (not the trains). It’ll sure work! Would love to see those selfish people being swept away!

  4. dk says:

    @kskb: That is a BRILLIANT idea. You should suggest that idea to SMRT.

  5. GeekyCoder says:

    The only effective measurement that really works in Singapore is to fine. See how effective when they start fining those on the spot who eat and drink in MRT train. But then it is really very cruel to fine people who don’t queue up, and it is the world’s first if Singapore does that. On the other hand, Uniquely Singapore been the City of Impossibilities might just do that to solve the problem once and for all, after all pushing the problem back to the citizen is what the echelons do best.

  6. krisandro says:

    I vote for out-swinging doors and spikes to kill off the ‘leftovers’.

    Where do I get to cast my vote?
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  7. Neo says:

    It is kind of sad. Our population’s literacy is so high yet putting the signs and lines doesn’t seem to work in the country.
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  8. yongwei92 says:

    I have my personal solution.

    I’ll blog about this in a while.

    my method of teaching people about giving way is simple.

    get out by the side, block people and tell them off, give them a stare and challenge them to give way.

    Yes, I do that, and it actually works, some even says sorry.

  9. Jacelyn says:

    Put sensors outside the doors and whoever cross the lines will have something hitting their heads from the top. HA! :P Kidding. Since they love to push us in, just push them out and give them a killer stare.
    .-= Jacelyn´s last blog ..The Kangxi Emperor: Treasures from the Forbidden City =-.

  10. k-dawg says:

    very simple solution… put death rays of doom on top of every door and blast everyone who dares cross the line in the balls, nips for girls. and then maybe after 10 months attach an all seeing eye on top of the carlsberg tower to catch anyone else in singapore who litters or save’s their kopitiam tables with tissue papers… no one would be breaking the law after that.

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