Lenovo S12 not coming to Singapore

I lost count on the number of people who asked me when will Lenovo S12 be coming to Singapore. Firstly, do not confuse Lenovo S12 with Lenovo S10-2. They are different. Lenovo S10-2, which I’ve reviewed previously, is a 10 inch netbookbook running on Intel Atom N280. Lenovo S12 is a 12 inch netbook running on Intel Atom N270 (Some models are having N280).
From what I understand, Lenovo Singapore will not be bringing the Lenovo S12 to the Singapore market. I guess maybe because their market research team feels that the S12 is not suitable for the Singapore market. There is nothing unusual about this practice. Computer makers are known to exclude some models for certain countries.
But I’m wondering out loud if this is a right choice. After all, this is one of the first few netbooks with the NVIDIA ION option. NVIDIA’s ION platform combines a low power Intel Atom CPU with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor to provide significantly better graphics performance. And it comes with a 12 inch screen and a full size keyboard.
Currently, most netbook in Singapore market are having 10 inch screen and keyboard size of around 90%.
I did a short survey on twtpoll and asked what does everyone hated most about a netbook. The top 3 reply is “Screen Size”, “Keyboard Size” and “Lack of Computing power”.
Picture 16
The Lenovo S12 seems to be the solution to 2 of the 3 major issues. It has a 12 inch WXGA screen and a full size keyboard. Is there a market for a 12 inch netbook in Singapore (And should it be still called a netbook if it is 12 inch) Which might explains why so many of my friends are actually looking forward to seeing Lenovo S12 in Singapore soon. But then, does it make sense to get a 12 inch netbook? The pricing of a 12 inch Atom netbook would be close to the pricing of a 13 inch Intel Core 2 Solo notebook. So would it make more sense to go for a slightly more powerful Core 2 Solo notebook? Will there be a demand for a 12 inch netbook like Lenovo S12 in Singapore?
Will you buy the Lenovo S12 if it is available in Singapore?


  1. hmm, I don’t mind a 12 inch netbook. Sort of like a filler between a netbook and a full fledged notebook. Of course, coupled if the price is right.
    Sometimes, having a slightly bigger screen is useful for presentations and surfing 🙂
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  2. Personally, I feel that many people miss the point of a netbook. The original point was to have a portable computing device that could provide you with a computing experience without the baggage of a full-sized notebook. The baggage being the extra weight from a large screen, full-sized keyboard and even additional weight from the more power processor since it would require additional cooling unless you found innovative ways to reduce the heat output yet keep the size and weight down.
    Now your survey is saying that more users could care less about the baggage, give it back to them. I believe what everyone really wishes they could have is what was termed years before the netbook – the sub-notebook or ultra-portables.
    These sub-notes or ultra-portables were super expensive way back when (early 2000 and until today) and only the guys and companies with deep pockets could afford. You can still find some of these today. Bigger screens, full-sized keyboards, and faster processors, yet just slightly heavier than 1kg or even less than can be found in the – Toshiba R600, Panasonic Let’s Note T8 and Sony’s Viao TT series. The downside is you won’t be picking up one of these for under SGD2,000 or even SGD3,000.
    So, what’s my point? Well, maybe Lenovo has looked at the numbers and don’t feel they can meet demand given the price point is right up there with a full-sized notebook. A 12-inch netbook may erode the sales of their other 12 and 13-inch models and perhaps their margins are does not justify since they cannot go asking for the extra premium.
    Anyway, just my humble opinion on this topic. 😉
    Personally, I don’t mind the 10-inch netbooks just give me longer battery life and when I say longer, I really mean longer, like 12 to 15 hours of non-stop use. This would equate to a full working day and then some without having to scrounge for a power point to juice it back. Wait until McD or any of the coffee houses start asking you to pay for plugging in. Here’s a point worth asking. Does plugging in your device to be charged on private property constitute theft, especially if you didn’t ask? Like taking water from the void deck water point is considered a no-no as is picking fruits from government land.
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  3. JamCanSing: To be honest, the definition of a netbook has always been grey-ish. Originally, netbooks are supposed to be running on Linux, but most netbooks are on XP now. So would a 12 inch netbook be considered a netbook? I don’t know. I guess if it runs on an atom processor, we can call it a netbook. 🙂

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