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Google Latitude is finally on iPhone, but thru web apps

Google Latitude is finally on the iPhone (and iPod Touch), but as a web application and not a proper application on the Apps store. For the uninitiated, here is a short video clip about Google Latitude.

I was very excited when Google Latitude was being announced. It’s a great location based social networking too. I find it very useful because you can find out where your friends are and ask them out for coffee or something if you have some free time on hand. But I haven’t really made full use of Google Latitude because not many of my friends are on Latitude to begin with. I only got on to Google Latitude recently because I got a N97. And it is one of the most used Application on my N97.


I’ve been waiting for Google Latitude to come to the iPhone for the longest time. And it’s finally here. But in the form of Web Application. Which means they can’t run in the background. (Anyway, no application can run in the background for iPhone) And its not available in the Apps Store, which means not many people knows about it.

Its a pity that Apple don’t integrate Google Latitude on the Maps application.

To get Google Latitude Web Apps on your iPhone (or iPod Touch), go to on your iPhone Safari, click the + icon then Add to Home Screen.


Are you on Google Latitude already?

You can change your facebook username! Once.

Remember early last month when Facebook introduced username? What happen was that once you selected your username, it will stick with you forever. There is no way to change the username after you have selected it.

This appears to be a small issue. There are some users who made a typo when selecting their username. Others were fooling around when choosing their username and later regretted.

Well, here is a good news. You can change your facebook username now. There is a new option call “Username” under the settings section. Just go there to change your facebook username if you are unhappy with your current username.

But here is the catch. You can only change your username once. So make sure you choose wisely this time round.

Microsoft Surface

Unknown to many people, the Microsoft Surface was in Singapore for a week sometime early April. Nicole, NTT and I were given the opportunity to checkout the Microsoft Surface on the promise that we will not reveal the secret location of this futuristic device. So we were blindfolded, thrown into the back of a van and bought to the secret Microsoft Singapore base somewhere near the Marina bay.


The Microsoft Surface is a beauty. Something that every geek wish they could have one at home. Even the non geeks might want to have one in their living room. Imagine having an interactive table at home and you can control it using multi-touch. Isn’t that cool?


The Surface is all about possibilities. We saw a demo on how the surface can be used during a medical consultation. A patient is issued with a patient card which identifies him. During consultant with the doctor, the patient just need to place his card on the surface and the system will retrieve all his medical records and place it on the surface for the doctor to refer. The doctor can use the surface to pull out 3D diagram and explain to the patient the operation procedures etc etc.

But that is not all. The Microsoft Surface can be used for many things. The Microsoft Surface is a platform for developers to create applications for commercial purpose. To us, its just an interactive table. But there are a lot of background processors that we don’t see.


There are camera (or cameras) inside the Surface to detect where things are placed on the table. In fact, when you placed a finger on the Surface, not only can it detect the location, it can also detect the orientation of the finger. (Thus know which side of the table are you seated at)


Microsoft also created something call Byte Tag. Its something like the barcode for the Surface to uniquely identify an object like handphone, camera or card. The possibilities is endless.

With the developer kit, it would be easy for developers to make full use of the available API on the Microsoft Surface and create lots of interesting application for the Surface. The Surface is not available to the consumer right now. But I’m sure as more and more corporates adopts the Surface, it would be available to consumers who are dying to have an interactive table.


Many thanks to Chris from Microsoft for showing us the Microsoft Surface. And I’m kidding about being blindfolded and thrown into the back of a van.

And since this is a Surface, I couldn’t resist doing my infamous pose on it. Wahahahaha.


PS: I know this is a super duper whooper delayed post. Sorry, I totally forgot to publish this.

Samsung unveiled new Netbook and Notebook

Samsung unveiled 2 new Netbook and 3 new Notebook recently at their Samsung Flagship Store in VivoCity. This is the first time Samsung launched their netbook in Singapore. Previous Samsung netbook did not make it to the Singapore market. (Although I know someone who has it)

DSC06202 DSC06204 DSC06211

The Samsung N310 is a N280 netbook with 1GB RAM and 160GB harddisk. It is designed by leading international designer Naoto Fukasawa, whose works have won more than 50 design awards in Europe, America and Asia. The N310 has long battery life of up to 9.8 hours (with an extended 6 cell battery) because of the energy efficient LED display and optimized processing performance. It comes with a 10.1 inch frameless and scratch-proof LED screen and pebble design anti bacterial keyboard which is 93% the size of normal keyboard. It weighs 1.35kg, which is slightly heavier than most netbook in the market. The N310 will retail at $899. Only Black and Dark Blue is available for the Singapore market.


The Samsung N120 is also a 10.1 inch N280 netbook with 1GB RAM and 160GB harddisk. It comes with a 2.1 Channel speakers with subwoofer. The N120 has a 97% keyboard and is coated with anti bacteria finish. The 6 cell battery is able to provide up to 8 hours of battery life. The N120 weighs 1.28kg and will retail at $799. Comes in Black and White.


The Samsng X460 is a lightweight 14.1 inch Notebook. It weighs just 1.9 kg with a 6 cell battery (giving 6 hour battery life). The X460 is running on a Intel Centrino 2 processor 2.13GHz with 2GB RAM and 320 GB harddisk. The Samsung X460 will retail at $2099.

DSC06241 DSC06225

The Samsung R420 and R470 are 14 inch Notebook with 16:9 aspect ratio. Both weighs 2.24kg with a 6 cell battery which can give up to 4 hours of battery life. The best part about the R420 and R470 is that the USB port allows you to charge portable devices, even when the notebook is turned off. The R420 is on a Intel Pentium processor 2.16GHz and retails at $1199 while the R470 is on a Intel Core 2 Duo processor 2.16GHz and retails at $1449.

Free Mattress Program by, a young startup in Singapore, is launching a Free Mattress program, which is aimed at helping the less fortunate in Singapore.

They will be giving out 1 free mattress every week for as long as they can afford. This program is strictly for the less privileged in Singapore. So please, if you can afford it, don’t apply for this. Give others a chance.

Personally, I think this is a great program. Hope more local companies will look into ways in which they can help the society. I always believe that every company, no matter how big or small, should have some form of corporate social responsibility program in place.

To apply, simply go to their website and fill in a form. will review all application and decide on who to award the mattress. And of course, those who need the mattress most likely won’t be online. Which is why they need people like us to refer people to them to keep the program running. So if you know any less privileged folks that need a new mattress, please help them fill in the application form.