Review: Samsung Jet (S8003)

I was one of the 10 lucky winner who won the Samsung Jet (or Samsung S8003) during the launch event. Some PR folks were saying that the Tech65 namecard is thicker than most namecard, that why I keep winning at lucky draw. Well, that is exactly the reason why we use TommyPrint for our namecard. Haha. Kidding kidding. Honestly, I’m plain lucky lately.


The Samsung Jet is small and handy. It has a beautiful 3.1 inch AMOLED touchscreen. I tried playing video on it and it looks beautiful. 5.0 megapixel camera with dual LED flash. HSDPA, WIFI, Bluetooth 2.0 and GPS. Charging and data transfer is thru a Micro-USB port that is covered with a flap when not in use. 3.5mm jack for your normal earphone. Comes with 2GB internal memory which you can extend with a MicroSD card.

DSC06048 DSC06052 DSC06049

Perhaps one of the reason why Samsung call this phone the Samsung Jet is because of the fast processor. The Samsung Jet comes with a 800Mhz processor which makes loading and ending application a breeze. I guess the proprietary Operating System also plays an important part in making the phone as fast as a jet. Oh, and the operating system allows you to multi-task, thus making full use of the fast processor. (PS: Press and hold the middle button to access task manager) I quite like the task manager. It makes switching between applications a breeze.


The slogan for the Samsung Jet is “Smarter than Smartphone”. Initially, I thought that the Samsung is a smartphone. But in actual fact, it isn’t. You can’t install additional applications on the Samsung Jet. But it does has a lot of features that makes it feel like its a smartphone. For a start, the Samsung Jet comes with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Some smartphone don’t have Exchange support! But strangely, the Jet doesn’t have any applications that support opening of MS Office files. Weird omission I would say.

PS: Some sources tell me that Samsung will release a App Store on Samsung Jet for users to install application. Until then, we will classify Samsung Jet as a non-smart phone.


Samsung did a pretty good job with the proprietary Operating System. It is fast and responsive. Interface is simple and works great when paired with TouchWiz 2.0. There are 3 panels for you to put TouchWiz Widgets which is good since you only have to 3.1 inch real estate. The Dolfin is pretty good too. It can play flash if you want to. But playing flash on phone is still not very stable at this moment and Samsung Jet is no exception. Samsung came up with a new method for zooming in/out a web page/picture. Long press and drag up to zoom in and drag down to zoom out. Pretty good solution.


Samsung also did a pretty good job with the input option. On portrait mode, you can use the normal virtual keypad or handwriting. Handwriting is really not recommended, unless you need to push your blood pressure level a little higher. But virtual keypad works pretty fine. Rotating the screen to landscape mode will give you a full Qwerty virtual keyboard. Although the Qwerty keyboard is small (due to the 3.1 inch screen), input is still pretty alright. My only complain is the small SPACEBAR.


As a whole, the Samsung Jet is suitable for those who doesn’t need the all the functionality of a full fledged smartphone. If you are looking for a small and handy phone, Samsung Jet is a good option.

In Short:
A small and fast, almost smartphone.

Fast processor
Beautiful AMOLED screen

Small 3.1 inch screen


41 Responses to 'Review: Samsung Jet (S8003)'

  1. Shan says:

    is the organizer good ah?
    I’ve been using palm PDA for my organizer, and i’m looking for a fone for organizer.

  2. PH says:

    the chinese input is really really lousy. i tried three different demo sets at three different outlets and they all gave me the same problem: can’t recognise simple handwritting. i wrote it off after those three tries.

  3. shynee says:

    hi there.i got the same fone a few days ago.just wondering why there isnt an option for special characters like ñ, ó, ú, í, etc?is there anyway u can help me with that?and how can i access the task manager?its not in the manual…thanks for your help

  4. dk says:

    Shynee: You can access the task manager by press and hold the middle button. I’m not sure how you can get the special characters. :)

  5. nicole says:

    @shynee to display the special characters, the language pack must support it. If the language is france, u can access the special characters :)

  6. mike says:

    Are there any way so that i can install nimbuzz in samsung jet s8003?

  7. dk says:

    Mike: Not that I know of. :)

  8. bs says:

    i’ve just got a samsung jet s8003,after a day lcd became blurred and return it the same day, and been replace by new one, but still the same problem exist. is it a samsung lcd problem?please help…

  9. dk says:

    BS: I am not aware of this issue. Might not be a common problem since I can’t find anyone reporting the same problem yet.

    My advice is get the Jet replaced again. But this time, turn on the phone at the store to ensure that the LCD is not blurred before leaving.

  10. sonyboy says:

    how to download nimbuzz with this s8003 jet? tnx

  11. Ssuzan says:

    can anyone tell me how to connect tv with S8003 Jet? i’ve tried it thousand times with so many cords but still invain.

  12. mark says:

    did you use a cable with headphone jack on one end and three colours on the other

  13. clauds says:

    are there still no applications available for this phone? not even games?
    which would be a better choice, the samsung jet or the iphone?
    your reply will be much appreciated. thank you.

  14. dk says:

    clauds: Still no applications for this phone.

    If you are into applications, then iPhone is the obvious choice. But if you are not into applications but more concern about the screen resolutions, camera and speed, then Samsung jet is a good option.

  15. r4i says:

    Basically, I want a good phone with a good camera.. I take lots of pics and videos.

  16. khine says:

    hello , i bought my samsung jet (S8003) last 5 months . Firstly , i can download the games v well . I thought tht my samsung jet is a very nice ph but later on , i discovered tht ph is v stupid . When i was downloading the game , it said the memory is full and delete some applications . Actually , there were many free memory spaces on ph and memory card . If i tried to download the games , it said same as before . Since frm tht time , i cant download any games.It is really stupid . Is there any solution for tht problem ??? Plz kindly reply to my mail . Thanks

  17. mikojenn says:

    I M about to chance my hp upon expry of contract. Pls help me to comment my choice Nokia72 or samsung jet. pls someone gve me a true opinion.

  18. dk says:

    Khine: I think you should check with Samsung Customer Service on this issue. Not aware of this issue. Yes, The Samsung Jet allow you to install JAR application.

  19. dk says:

    mikojenn: It really depends on your personal usage and requirement.

    The Samsung Jet has a fast processor and beautiful screen. It is small and fully touchscreen. But you can only install JAR applications and the application selection is rather limited.

    Nokia E72 has a physical keyboard. It runs on Symbian and has quite a decent amount of applications in the Nokia Ovi Store. But it is non-touchscreen and the screen is smaller and not as good as Samsung Jet.

    I would suggest you try out both phone personally before making decision. Both of them are quite good phone IMOH.

  20. cher says:

    i hv samsung jet too…recently i cnt send any files by bluetooth…wt can i do?
    pls help

  21. dk says:

    Cher: I’m not sure man.

    Is there a new firmware for Samsung Jet recently? Seems like an increase in the number of issues lately.

  22. Guruprasad says:

    My samsung jet 8003 is showing phone memory full message when i try to open games, google maps or any application which is installed in games & more folder, in phone memory 1.28GB is free, applications r occupying only 4.9MB. plz help.. thanks in advance..

  23. shynee says:

    im having trouble with the SMS memory this says 500 but whenever my inbox reaches 214 or so (plus a couple messages from other folders,drafts etc that doesnt reach 20) it kept on prompting me that its full and need to delete messages.geez..i used to love this fone but im beginning to ask if my money was worth it :(

  24. shynee says:

    @DK..thanks for the tip about the task manager..i pressed it accidentally and had to figure out how i did!

  25. Guruprasad says:

    samsung jet has 1 more bug:-) u try to use exchange active sinc u will loos all ur contact…

  26. ankita says:

    pls boys……….help me…….wht’s d latest updated price of jet in india ?????????????? pls tell me………plsssssss………………..

  27. dk says:

    ankita: Sorry, I don’t have any contacts at Samsung India. Maybe you might want to check with the local telcos or handphone shop

  28. apoorv says:

    Is there a update for this fone to this date?i bought dis fr 17k on 14th march in delhi..

  29. ankita says:

    m also in delhi …bt somebody is telling me……it’s near 15k………k…… thanx……………..what’s d diff. in samsung jet 1 & jet 2..???…………both r for same price..???………….pls tell………….i want a good touch screen phine under 15k…………….

  30. Guruprasad says:

    if u r getting this phone for 15k its really good touch screen phone but i advice u to buy it with at least 1 year insurance…:-)
    if u dont like the phone u can reclaim the money…;-)

  31. dk says:

    I have no idea what’s the difference between Jet 1 and Jet 2. I’m in Singapore and we only have Samsung Jet 1 here.

  32. anne says:

    hi dk, may i know if i can have free browsing internet with my jet? i’ve tried using its wifi feature but i think i am being charge when i browse different sites.. thanks!

  33. dk says:

    Anne: If you are connected to a WIFI spot, then rightfully it won’t be using your mobile plan’s data.

    Why do you think you are being charged? Have you gotten your first bill yet?

  34. joel says:

    I like samsung 8003 jet but i do not how to use the secondary camera so hlep me to find how to use the secondary camera of samsung 8003 jet. tnx alot…

  35. sya says:

    please help me,I have samsung jet s8003,why my handphone can’t show the write of korean (hangeul)??samsung is produce from korea right?

  36. dk says:

    sya: Yes, you are right that Samsung is a Korean company. But if I’m not mistaken, they didn’t (or forgot) include Korean text input into the Samsung Jet.

    Strange right?

  37. Ash says:

    same problem as #24.. what can the problem be? mine doesnt even reach 100 and it starts telling me that my inbox is full.. 0 msgs in drafts or any other place.. but this still tells me inbox is full..

  38. jfd/aton says:

    hellow guys,my problem about s8003 jet is the editing has no cursor unless you press it back to the txt you wanted to edit.but you need a pointed finger to point it.

  39. shamin s s says:

    i got it……..and is good…..

  40. deli says:

    if you don’t like your cellphone , it’s easy, give it to me and be release your selves ! :D

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