Chunk Fest 2009

Chunk Fest is back! Woohoo!


Date: 12 Sept 2009
Time: 2 to 10pm
Venue: Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is an interesting venue. Jack & Rai, Elusion featuring Melissa, and 5 other local bands will also be there to entertain you. There will also be other contest like Giant Twisters, Guess What?, Spot-The-Difference and the Vermonster Challenge.

Vermonster Challenge will be interesting. Form a team of 2 and try to defeat the Vermonster, 20 scoops of Ice Cream plus toppings. Fastest team win $500 worth of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and merchandise & free Vermonsters at VivoCity Scoop Shop for a period of 1-year. Anyone want to take part with me? Wahahahahaha

For more info, check out the facebook page.

Lets hope it doesn’t rain this time. Last year’s chunk fest was kinda messy with rain and muddy field.

2 Responses to 'Chunk Fest 2009'

  1. Yva says:

    Yeah! Im so gonna go!

  2. Hmm hope this year will be better!!! Its coming soon again Chunk Fest 2010 is on 4th Sept 2010….

    Apparently ar… those who share, link and comment on will get some moolahs free!!!! :D

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