Review: Samsung N310

Netbooks design are starting to get a little boring. Most netbooks look somewhat similar these days. I even found some brands looking exactly the same (other than the logo). Luckily for us, Samsung came up with a new netbook with a refreshing look. The Samsung N310.


The Samsung N310 is designed by leading international designer Naoto Fukasawa, whose works have won more than 50 design awards in Europe, America and Asia. The unique design made the Samsung N310 stands out from the already crowded netbook market. The design is simple, yet beautiful. I love the curve at the edges which makes it look very sleek. The texture of the casing also makes it comfortable to hold.


Like most netbooks, the Samsung N310 comes with the new Intel Atom 1.66GHz N280 processor, 1GB RAM, 10.1 inch screen and a 160GB harddisk. Interesting to note that the N310 comes with Wireless N. I think this might be the first netbook to come with wireless N although I might be wrong. 3 USB port, bluetooth, VGA port, Ethernet port, Mic in jack, headphone jack and SD card reader. 26.1 x 18.5 x 2.8 cm and weighs 1.35kg (6 cell battery). It’s slightly bigger and heavier compared to most netbooks in the market. The Samsung N310 runs on Windows XP.

DSC06840 DSC06838 DSC06842

The keyboard is 93% size of a notebook keyboard. It’s very comfortable to type on the Samsung N310. I’ve tried typing long blog entries on the N310 without any problem. The touchpad is pretty decent and responsive. I personally don’t really like the buttons of the touchpad. Instead of having 2 buttons, there is only 1 button for left and right click. Samsung claims that the screen is scratch proof although we didn’t managed to put that to the test. Anyone want to try? Please send me a video if you do. Thanks.


The best thing about the Samsung N310 is the battery life. According to the specs, the Samsung N310 has a battery life of 9.8 hours with a 6 cell battery. I managed to get around 7 hours on normal usage. Still very impressive for a netbook. With such battery life, you can don’t bring the cables out.


One small little detail you might want to take note. The status light on the Samsung N310 is completely covered when the lid is closed. This means that you don’t know if the netbook is turned off or charging when the lid is closed. Not a very big issue to me, but you might want to take note.

The Samsung N310 is selling at S$899. Slightly more expensive than most netbook currently in the market now. Comes in Black, Dark Blue, Orange and Turquoise but only Black and Dark Blue is available for the Singapore market.


In Short:
A great netbook with an unique look and long battery life.

Unique design
Good keyboard
Long battery life

Heavier than most netbook in the market

Many thanks to Mark from Edelman and Samsung for sending me the review unit.

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