Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Paddock Club 2009

I was invited by Lenovo to watch the Singapore Grand Prix Friday practice session at the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Paddock Club. It was a great experience. Good food, great drinks and one of the best view of the race. The Paddock Club is located right next to the race starting line, above the pit stop. Truly the best way to watch F1.


The ticket for the Paddock Club. Comes in a very professional looking box. Definitely going to keep it.


View from the outdoor sitting area for the Paddock Club.


Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team room. Didn’t get to go in. I think its their rest area.


The nicely laid out table. We were fed food and drink from the moment we step in till the moment we left. That’s eating and drinking non-stop from 3:30pm till 11:30pm.


The beautiful Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Paddock Club. For the guests of their sponsors.


The viewing area inside the Paddock Club. The view from the window is great. You get to see the starting line and also a bird eye view of the pit stop.


Looking down from the Paddock Club. Can see what’s happening at the pit stop. This has got to be one of the best view of the entire race.


Lewis Hamilton pops by for a while to greet the guest and give us some updates on the team’s preparations for the race.


The Paddock Club lifestyle area. There is a massage service, internet, local food and drinks, live performance etc etc. I didn’t really go explore this area. Spend most of my time watching the practice session.


The Kangaroo TV. You can watch the race anywhere you like, even in the toilet if you want. (but not advisable) You can even select the driver you want to follow.


I got an exclusive tour to the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes garage.


The crews are busy fine tuning the car for the practice session.


This is where they monitor the race and communicate with the drivers. Not many people knows that the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team are using Lenovo computers.


Apart from the exclusive garage tour, I also get to go for the pit lane walk.


A huge thanks to Derrick and Lenovo for inviting me to the Paddock Club. Really a great experience. Had a very enjoyable evening.


Oh, and the best part is I get to take photo with Lewis Hamilton. It’s hard to grab hold of him for a photo. He has a tight schedule and is rushing of to get ready for the practice session.

All the best to Hamilton tonight. He did well last night and managed to clinch pole position during the qualifying round.

13 Responses to 'Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Paddock Club 2009'

  1. keropokman says:

    Wow, so this is how the paddock looks like ;-)
    .-= keropokman´s last blog ..Porsche Carrera Cup Asia – Practice Session =-.

  2. ssumin says:

    You got a pic with Lewis! Definitely envious!

  3. Carem says:

    Wow you are taller than him????? How tall are you?

  4. JH says:

    Great photos and write up of the Paddock Club !!

    Haven’t got the chance to be inside there yet, hope to be inside next year ! It’s really nice and great hospitality !

    I was around the Flyer this year and was doing walkabout last year !

    Photo with Hamilton, 2009 Champion, is priceless !!

    .-= JH´s last blog ..Review of SONY VAIO W – Part 2 =-.

  5. tiger4 says:

    Wah! Envy your photo of Lewis Hamilton.

  6. Kat says:

    Thanks for showing us the Paddock Club! Hee hee you look quite good now that you lost some weight….

  7. Carem says:

    Hamilton is 1.74, how tall are you DK?

  8. dk says:

    Carem: Sorry, missed your question.
    I’m around 1.8m :)

  9. Carem says:

    wow u so tall!!

  10. Alyssa Myers says:

    Great post and pics!

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