Have we gone too far?

I honestly don’t remember any Miss World Singapore that creates so much debate. I think it all started with the RazorTV interview. Yes, I have to agree that her English standard isn’t the best. But who says that Miss World Pageant must speak perfect English.

And honestly, is she always like that or just like that during that interview?

I feel sorry for Ris Low when I saw all the youtube video mocking her. Come on, what have she done to deserve this? I quote one of the comments in the video “It is like a group of school bully’s picking on a girl because she is not very bright”. I couldn’t agree more with the commenter. The people behind almost-famous.tv should be ashamed of themselves.

And our Straits Times isn’t very kind with Ms Ris Low too. Someone in SPH named her photo as “sg-stupid.jpg”. How could our mainstream media label someone as stupid? I think SPH owes Ris Low an apology.


Update: Straits Times has removed the picture from the article. But the picture can still be found here.

Update 2: The picture has been removed from the server. Good thing we still have screenshots.

The best part was when Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah (Ang Mo Kio GRC) said that Miss Low should not represent Singapore internationally because of the credit card fraud. Yes, she did commit a crime. But she was also charged in court. (Although the sentence is surprisingly light) So, shouldn’t an ex-convict be given a second chance? Has MP Lee Bee Wah forgotten about Yellow Ribbon Project? Or is it just a wayang?

Perhaps its time for us to relook at our action and put ourselves in her heels shoes. Have we gone too far this time? Who are we to mock at her? To label her? To deny her?

I think that it is good that Ms Ris Low has decided to withdraw from the Miss World Pageant. Singapore doesn’t deserve to have her represent us after what we have done to her. Let’s hope she continues to contribute to Singapore in other ways. Perhaps a spokesperson for Yellow Ribbon Project to remind everyone that we still discriminate against ex-convict after all these years.

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  1. Mohd Hisham says:

    I think your last paragraph says it best.
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  2. DC says:

    What a shame…
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  3. Vic says:

    The moral of the story is, if your head is not big enough, don’t go for the crown.

    Bearing the title of Ms Singapore World or Ms Singapore Universe is not a small thing, cos they represent Singapore.
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  4. pkchukiss says:

    You forget the fact that she might have been disallowed to participate in the first place had she declared her court conviction. In which case, her disqualification wouldn’t have gotten her any attention from either the press, or on the Internet.

    The rules are quite clear on that.
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  5. San says:

    Nice cool and level headed entry. :)

    I admit that I also laughed at Ris’ poor English and horrific diction at the Youtube video… But this error on ST’s part is really really bad and unprofessional on their part! So silly!

    Thanks for sharing this… I shall repent and start thinking nice thoughts about poor Ris again. Like what you said, I also hope she will be able to contribute in other areas.
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  6. dk says:

    pkchukiss: Which further enforce the need for Yellow Ribbon Project. She did not commit murder or drug trafficking. It is fraud. The court has already convicted her and she is serving her sentence even though its a light one.

    We do not know if she has turned over a new leaf. And we deny her the opportunity to show us that she has.

  7. Mohd Hisham says:

    Im responding to pkchukiss & @dk replies – i suppose, based on the only source of information we have – SPH – we will never know if she did inform the management prior to joining.

    Because if she has not inform and leave that part of the conviction out, then it shows, she has learnt nothing and still the same old leaf.

    But if she has informed, and still has to bear the brunt, then its a different thing as well.

    It’s going to be hard for anyone to accept ex-convicts – but the ex-cons themselves have got to accept the state that they are in. Lying will not be looked upon kind, IF this is what the case is.

    As I said, our source of info is currently SPH, so i wont be too sure who says what.
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  8. jeRrRKKKK says:

    don’t forget she’s only 19 yrs old, what do you expect from a teenager?
    you expecting her to save the world!?

  9. whilst Ris Low has experienced some dis-comfort in the public eye – it is far less than what may happen in a place like australia and america – instead of just the internet citizens – having their moments of fame based on someone’s misfortune – television network chat shows would thrive on the innocent speech issue Ris had on RazorTv BUT they doubly thrive and mutate on the not so innocent criminal record which is now also public record for Ms Low – to some she has been let off lightly – but i would agree that her beauty and talent that was demonstrated by her winning the crown & title Miss World Singapore 2009 should be used for the opportunity that it REALLY is.
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  10. SuKii says:

    i agree we might have been too harsh on her. the ST photo label was uncalled for.

    however, imagine if she were to go ahead and represent us on the international platform, and the entire world were to hear her speak like that, what would the spectators think of singapore? we already have beyonce commenting that asians do not speak good english, we do not need miss ris low to further reinforce this.

    but then again, the Q&A session is always the final few rounds. i’m pretty sure miss ris low will not get to that round. sorry, but that’s the truth.

    you might argue that perhaps, unfortunately, she happened to speak like that only for that interview. but that is a proper interview that will be shown to the sg public. why would she think it’s ok to speak like that? maybe she panicked? and if so, at the competition, she would be facing much more audience live, would she fare better then? guess we will never know. but i’d rather not challenge that.

    as for the fraud case.. if u refer to the miss USA pageants, beauty queens who had posed naked before had their crowns stripped. and here we are talking about a criminal case, even tho yes, it is not murder or arson we are talking about.

    and if we allow her to represent singapore on the international platform, what next? an ex-convict for fraud for a MP?

    ‘Singapore doesn’t deserve to have her represent us after what we have done to her. ‘ i think you are making too big a deal with this statement.

    having said all this, i believe she does deserve a chance, and really hope she can contribute to the society in other ways.

  11. I agree with Mohd Hashim. A lot could depend on whether she was upfront about her criminal record. And we don’t know enough at this point to really judge the case.

    Nevertheless, a Miss World Singapore represents the country. She needs to be exemplary in her behavior and words.

    My first set of questions is: Granted that we all make mistakes and we should give ex-convicts a second chance, what kinds of second chance should be given to ex-convicts? Would you give the treasurer position to someone who has a fraud track record? Would you first make sure that this person is trustworthy?

    The second set of question is: What kinds of qualities is a Miss World Singapore supposed to have? Is beauty alone enough? Is a person with a fraud record suitable to represent the country? Would you have an ex-convict represent your company to discuss business deals with potential customers?
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  12. M5 says:

    what really goes through your minds i wonder. how are you all able to satisfied with a dishonest liar representing you. is that you? is that what your country stands for? come on man guys, do u think its fair that she represent a whole country with principles like that? yes, even though she has committed a crime she should be given a 2nd chance but certainly not to represent a country for sure. its people like the author of this blog and a minority out there who are so gullible. do you all actually think that she was remorseful? she certainly knew that you have to have a clean slate to enter the competition. even i as a guy know that. she was happily spending people’s money away in May, thats like just a few months back and she even tried to deny it the 1st time she was confronted, so HOW do you all think she has changed? would u all like it if she stole your money? even thought of those real victims? Singapore was just standing up for its self so i don’t think you have to right to complain, wouldnt you want the right to speak out your opinion? if she didnt want such publicity, she should have been truthful in the 1st place. hope you peeps would have haigher standards for your self, at least for your country. have some pride at least, something to be proud of. a teenager doesnt have to save the world but a teenager doesnt have to break the law and deny it. FYI to those ignorant, there are many kids and teenagers out there trying to save the world. am glad that at least most Singaporeans out there have some standards, at least we would know that our country’s morals are not on the decline.

  13. Iris says:

    I cannot disagree with you more.

    Although Miss World is a beauty pageant, the fact still remains that she is representing the entire of Singapore, her personality, behavior, character, ethics etc, will come under scrutiny during the pageant. And lets not forget that the girls in beauty pageant are not just judged based on their looks, they are also judged based on their poise, elegance and most of all wit and language. Her responses on Razor TV totally did not portray someone with any intelligence much less any poise or elegance at all, to the point that I got embarrassed by her when I saw that clip. How do you think the rest of the world will react when they see her during the Ms World event? Can you imagine what will the rest of the world think when she opened her mouth to talk and all the atrocious English sprout out? We will just end up being the laughing stock of the entire world!

    Yes, I agree that we should give past offenders a break and not judge them based on their past but this is a totally different issue altogether. She is representing her country in an international contest. Her conduct must be spotless otherwise she will just end up disgracing her own country. If she is just a normal person, not participating in an international contest, then its fine, but shes not. Whats worse was that she never even disclose anything about her past record before entering the contest, imagine if no one finds out, and she went on to South Africa and the committee found out about her past; what will the entire world think of Singapore? The first thing that perhaps will strike their mind is that we lack beauties in Singapore to the point that we have to rely on someone with her background to represent us?!

    Seriously, I really have very strong doubts on the objectivity or the intelligence of the Ms World Singapore competition when they gave her the crown.

  14. Iris says:

    And by the way, I also do not agree that netizens are too harsh on her. Come’on man, this is a beauty pageant! Before she stepped into the limelight, she should have known that there is a price to pay for all the attention that she is looking for in a beauty pagent; everything she does will be open to comments and critics, and the fact reminds that she doesn’t give much opportunities for strangers like you and me to support her.
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  15. Hillary says:

    On her poor pronunciation, it just shows what big bullies Singaporeans can be. Honestly, those who made videos to mock her ought to hang their heads in shame.

    I once met a girl whose pronunciation is pretty bad although not as bad as Miss Low’s. At first, I thought she was stupid as every time someone spoke to her, it would take a while for her catch what they were saying. It appeared as though she was blur, not tuned into the conversation.

    But later, I had the opportunity to get to know her in person and discovered that she is a PhD student who is very well read. Her grasp of the English language is excellent due to the sheer number of books she had read, although she never mastered the ability to pronounce the words.

    Don’t judge a girl by her pronunciation.
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  16. Hillary says:

    Even if you judge her by her pronunciation, there’s no reason to be mean.
    .-= Hillary´s last blog ..Announcing the Birth of My Nephew, Baby Ethan! =-.

  17. iris says:

    This should be the kind of standard that should be representing Singapore

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