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Shell $1 petrol promo

Shell announced that it would run its biggest fuel promotion in a decade as part of its ongoing efforts to teach Singapore motorists how to save fuel for life.

On Saturday, 24 October 2009 from 10am to 6pm, Shell will be offering its new FuelSave 95 and 98 at a special price of only $1 per litre. (Except Shell Pasir Panjang 328, Shell Sin Ming and Shell Upper Bukit Timah PIE) That is almost 45 per cent off the normal nett price.

Shell is using this promotion as an incentive to galvanise motorists – to get them educated about fuel economy, and to show them how they can easily reduce their fuel expenditure by choosing the right fuel and practising Shell‟s FuelSave Tips. (You can read more fuel save tips here)

You know what this means? It means that there will be a super duper long queue at Shell tomorrow. Remember to go early.

Windows 7 has landed in Singapore

The much awaited Microsoft Windows 7 is finally here in Singapore (and will be in rest of the world in a few hours time.) Hurray! The Vista era has finally come to an end.

Microsoft Singapore and Challenger Funan had a launch event at 12midnight on 22nd Oct. The first 177 customers gets to buy Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Edition at S$77. (Usual price is S$219) Besides Windows 7, Challenger also had product auction and hourly special at the store for all customers.


More than 200 people were in the queue. The first person to buy Windows 7 was in the queue since 3:30pm. They gave him a T-Shirt which says “I got Windows 7 before you”. Cool right?

Windows Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate (Full install) will retail at S$359, S$529 and S$549 respectively.

Windows Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate (Upgrade) will retail at S$219, S$359 and S$379 respectively.


Haven’t got a chance to really try out Windows 7 yet. Will blog more about after I have more hands on. But one thing for sure, it will surely be better than Vista.

Try not to launch your product on Apple product refresh day

We can’t deny that Apple brand has the world’s attention whenever they do something. Be it having a keynote, refreshing their product or even banning apps from their Apps Store. We even got people blog about seeing Steve Jobs back in office after 6 months medical leave. That’s how amazing the Apple brand is now. Everyone is talking about Apple. I would call this a PR’s wet dream.

And one thing we know is that you should try not to crash your product launch on a day when Apple is rumored to be releasing something. The Apple tsunami will drown your little ripple in the pond. And I guess Barnes & Noble learnt it the hard way. Hey, they just launched a cool E-book yesterday call Nook. There are some pros and cons when compared it with the Amazon Kindle. But hey, its a good attempt. Can’t wait to see it for myself although I think the chances of me getting my hands on one is thinner than the Nook itself.

The only major problem is that they launched it on a day when Apple decides to refresh on iMac, Macbook and Mac Mini. They also launched a new mouse call the Magic Mouse which I think I’m going to get it to replace my “Not So Mighty” mouse. The scroll ball is giving problems lately. The Magic Mouse looks cool with the multi-touch feature. Who would have thought that you could actually have a multi-touch mouse? I’m so wanting to get it. But it cost S$98. Ouch. And my iMac is now OFFICIALLY outdated with the new iMac spotting 16:9 aspect ratio. Oh well, I see this day coming. Surprised that it took so long. *Hug my iMac tight tight*

Sorry, I digressed. I’m suppose to talk more about B&N’s Nook. But see, everyone is talking about Apple. Anyway, when you are more or less done with the Apple news, check out the Nook. Not really the killer E-book reader yet. But it sure looks promising.

Oh ya, did I mention that the Nook runs on Android?

Perhaps one of the worst advertising slogan ever

To promote the soon to be open Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in Pattaya, the management put up a billboard advertisement with a photo of Adolf Hitler saluting. One does not need an A1 in history to guess that this advertisement is bound to receive lots of complaints.

Almost anything with Hitler on it is bound to get lots of complaints. I guess not much explanation is required. You don’t even need to look at the content. You just know that the management and advertising agency is going to get lots of trouble for featuring Hitler on the advertisement.

But what surprised me more is the slogan they use in the billboard.

Hitler is not dead

Honestly, that is the last thing I look forward to.

Which advertising agency came up with this ads? And who approved it? Does anyone study world war 2 history? Or watch movies like Schindler’s List? Didn’t they read about the protest on the German AIDS advertisement featuring Hitler?

I guess not.

Maybe I should be a fashion blogger instead…..

I attended the Style: Week fashion show with Dottie yesterday evening. Part of the “blogger exchange program” we cooked up over the beer session a few weeks after the Blogathon. I think it’s nice to see what the other category bloggers are doing. And after attending the event, I think maybe I should convert myself to a fashion blogger instead.


The events they attended are more glamorous than most tech events (although I have attended some posh tech events too). Lots of pretty people at the events and sure to spot a few celebrities in the crowd. Then you have the runway show where good looking models walk on stage wearing beautiful clothing that you wish you own. It’s interesting to see details and how the designers match the jackets, shirt and jeans to form one masterpiece.

DSC07703 DSC07666 DSC07690

And I guess it should be easier to blog about fashion. No press release or long product specifications. No need for Q&A to clarify some stuff you are unclear after the presentation. Don’t need to compare the product with another similar product from competitors. You don’t need to try out the product yourself to get the feel of the performance and usability. And most importantly, there is no right or wrong. You can have models wearing super thick jacket in tropical Singapore and nobody will raise their hands and question the designer’s sanity. (Try launching a super high end smartphone without WIFI and see how the media reaction)


But here is the problem….. I have no fashion sense at all. Nothing. Zero. And you need to wear nice clothes when you attend these fashion events, else you will stand out in the crowd as the only person without fashion sense. It’s not like tech events when you can go in wearing T-shirt and Jeans. And all they have is fashion at the event. Unlike some tech events where they combine tech with fashion. You see, this is the most high tech gadget they have for the evening…..


I think I’ll just stick to blogging about tech and current affairs. Still more fun playing with the cool gadgets and exchanging the latest tech rumors. And I got a few gadget reviews which I haven’t found the time to write.

PS: This is just a tongue in cheek entry. Don’t take it seriously lah. I’m still blogging about tech related stuff. It’s like oxygen to me.


But on the side note, I kinda like this. But we don’t have the right weather to wear it in Singapore.