Been using Twitter for 3 years and still loving it!

Wow, time really flies. I’ve been using twitter for 3 years already. I still remember learning about this interesting website from Popagandhi’s blog. Back in those days, you get a SMS whenever someone you follow tweet. (This service is still available in some countries) Still remember getting tons of SMS from Twitter back then. My friends thought I doing some big business or something.
I still remember there isn’t any twitter trend back then. No search. No RT and hashtag. No mobile site for twitter so all updates have to be done either via web browser or SMS to a UK number which cost $0.15. It is only until May 2007 that Twitter has a mobile site. And I didn’t have a data plan back then.
I still remember promoting twitter to my friends. Some of them love the service while other just didn’t get the hang of it. It’s harder to “sell” twitter back then because we still don’t know what’s the use of twitter other than broadcasting what you are doing. Things changed quite a bit over the past 3 years. Twitter has become an important tool, more than just updating what you are doing.
Oh, you might be wondering, what is my first tweet. Well, if you are expecting something interesting, sorry to disappoint you. My first tweet is rather boring. But then, that’s what most tweet are about back in the early days.

Its raining now….. And I’m suppose to go back to office. Argh

And I have no idea why am I going back to office on a Saturday afternoon. Oh, I remember why I went back to office on a Saturday afternoon. Fight fire, like I always do.

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