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Transit and Traffic information on Google Map Singapore now

Good news everyone! Google Transit Information and Traffic Information is now available on Singapore Google Map. Woohoo! Google and LTA announced the collaboration recently at a media event inside Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.


Both services have been available on Google map in other countries for quite some time. I still remember showing off my iPhone Google Map to my friends by going to New York and turning on the Show Traffic feature. The traffic features are very useful to drivers. It shows you roughly the traffic condition of most major roads. This will help drivers plan their route wisely. You can access the Google Map traffic on your iPhone, Android or any smartphone with Google Map Apps. Or you can also use your mobile phone browser to view the google map traffic.


Green means smooth traffic, Orange means moderate traffic and Red means heavy traffic. Only the major roads and expressway have this traffic overlay. Although the traffic condition is usually accurate, I do find that there are times when the map shows Orange line when there are hardly any cars along the road. But the red line is usually very accurate. When they display red, it is usually jammed up. Apart from information from LTA, Google is also using crowd sourcing where they gather anonymous data from Google Map users to analyze the traffic condition.

Directions on Google Map now includes directions for public transport in Singapore too. The public transport directions includes MRT, LRT and Buses. You can set your departure or arrival time and google map will come up with the best route and the estimate travel timing.

While these features are useful on the mobile phone, the best experience is still on the Google Map Singapore website where you get more options like historical traffic condition and Traffic Incidents. You can also easily change the route given by Google by dragging the route to the road you want to use.

So what does it means for local mapping websites like and Streetdirectory? Luckily for everyone, the partnership between Google and LTA is non-exclusive. Which means that the data from LTA is also accessible by other companies. Which isn’t that bad. But bear in mind that Google has a much wider reach. Google map is preinstalled on all Android and iPhone. That is one thing that the local companies need to worry about.

Another worm on jailbroken iPhone

Looks like more and more people are trying to exploit the loophole in the jailbroken iPhone with default SSH password. This time round, the worm is more malicious than the Rick Rolling ikee worm.

The worm is targeting those in the Netherlands who are using their iPhones for internet banking with Dutch online bank ING. It redirects user to a lookalike site with a log-in screen.

This worm can be easily avoided by changing the SSH default password. Simple right? In fact, they should force users to change the default SSH password upon install.

For those who didn’t jailbreak your iPhone, we are still safe from all these malicious programs….. for now.

World AIDS Day Singapore

World AIDS Day is observed on the 1st of December each year worldwide. It is a day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS caused by the spread of HIV infection.

Do you know that the glove wore by Michael Jackson when he did his first moonwalk dance in 1983 was being auction recently for US$350,000. All the proceeds went to an AIDS research charity. The late Michael Jackson was one of the first entertainers to enlist in the fight against AIDS/HIV.

But until now, there are still lot of misconception about AIDS/HIV. Do you know that although HIV can be found in saliva, it is in too small an amount to infect anyone through kissing or the sharing of utensils. In fact, body fluids such as saliva, sweat and tears cannot transmit HIV.

It’s surprising that we still have so much misconception about a disease that was discovered in the early 1980s. If you want to know more, check out HPB’s website on the 10 myths about HIV and AIDS.

The theme for Singapore World AIDS Day 2009 is “Your life, your canvas”. It is is inspired by the notion that we are all responsible for painting the canvas of our own lives. What we choose to put on that canvas is entirely up to us, and the choices we make all contribute to a constantly evolving picture.

You can show your support for World AIDS Day by taking part in this Twibbon campaign. I’ve added the twibbon on my face on table avatar. Painful to pin a ribbon on my head leh. Haha. (Kidding kidding)


There are some events being planned for World AIDS Day 2009. I’ll blog more about it later. In the meantime, check out this song by Jack & Rai in commemoration of World AIDS Day 2009.

Jack & Rai – Pixelated

Something disturbing on the train

I was taking MRT home yesterday when I witnessed something very disturbing.

There is this guy sitting next to me who took his shoes off and started airing his feet (with socks on). He also used his bare hands to massage his feet. Gross. His girlfriend/partner/wife is sitting next to him. And she didn’t say a thing.

And here is the more disturbing part. That guy got off the train at the same stop with me. He was walking infront of me with his girlfriend/partner/wife and they were holding hands. Yes, that same hands that he use to massage his feet on the train minutes ago!!!

I know that if you love someone, you won’t mind anything that he/she does. But this is too disturbing already.

Singapore got talent – Ling Kai

We always hear people saying that Singapore has no musical talents. Well, if that is the case, then explain this.

Ling Kai – 21 Years

Her name is Ling Kai. Her self-penned acoustic guitar song ‘Larkin Step’ garnered over a million hits on youtube.

We do have talents in Singapore. It’s just that they are hidden somewhere in a corner of Singapore and we couldn’t find them.