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AT&T 0 – 1 Verizon

It’s always interesting to see competitors fighting with creative advertisement. Few weeks back, Verizon launches an ads campaign attacking AT&T’s 3G network.

AT&T responded with this advertisement recently.

I think the score after round 1 is: AT&T 0 – 1 Verizon.

Let’s wait for the next round of advertisements.

PS: AT&T is suing Verizon for the advertisement. It will be interesting to see how everything go. Personally, I think AT&T should save the lawyer fees and put them in improving their 3G network.

Starry Starry Night

Went to East Coast Park with Clauds last night to watch the Leonids meteor shower. We camped at this ulu jetty near the National Sailing Centre, at the mouth of Sungei Bedok. (Not the popular Bedok Jetty) Not sure what is the name of that place. Looked up several maps but the place wasn’t labeled. I think someone told me it is called the Old Bedok Jetty. Not sure man. Let me know if you know the name of that place.

Anyway it seems to be the perfect place for watching the meteor shower. The jetty is unlighted and away from strong lights. There aren’t any tall trees or building nearby and you have unobstructed view of the beautiful night sky. There aren’t many people there and we found a good spot. Bought along a garbage bag which I used for mat and 2 cushion to rest our head. And we lied on the ground and waited patiently for the meteor shower. I bought some drinks and potato chips too.

We started waiting for the meteor show at around 1230. Someone said that there is supposed to be a meteor storm at 12 midnight and meteor shower at 3am. But we couldn’t see anything and the cloudy sky wasn’t helping. It was until around 230am when I finally saw 1 meteors. (And Clauds missed it because she was busy facebooking on her phone) The clouds starts to clear and we began seeing the night sky clearer. It was around 3 to 4am when we start seeing more meteors.

Willy and a few more friends also joined us with a bunch of cameras. Check out the photo he got.

At around 4 plus, there was this huge meteor that appears in the eastern sky. Looks like a fireball in the sky which lasted at least 10 to 15 seconds. It was a beautiful sight. All the waiting paid off. And at the end of the day, I lost count of the number of meteors that I saw. I think around 20 plus. Which is quite good already since people at Japanese garden only saw 2 to 3.

It was a great experience. Watching a meteor shower should be inside the list of things to do before you die.

Don Mclean – Vincent (Starry Starry Night)

PS: Heard that you can still see the some meteor until 21 Nov. But won’t be as many as last night.

Orchard Road Christmas Light Up

I was invited to the Orchard Road Christmas Light Up Switch On Ceremony 2 weeks ago at the ION Orchard outdoor Atrium. President Nathan is the Guest Of Honour for the event.


I think it’s almost a tradition for Orchard Road and Marina Bay to be decorated with beautiful lights during the festive season. This year’s theme is “A Christmas All Decked Out”. Orchard road is divided into 3 zone. Blue Zone starts from Tanglin Mall to Tangs, Orange Zone starts from Tangs to Heeren and Red Zone starts from Heeren to end of Orchard road. Personally, I prefer the Blue Zone. Marina Bay area is not left out of the celebration. The theme for Marina Bay this year is “A Glitzy Christmas by the Bay”. The light up this year is 3.7 km long and stetch acriss the Esplanade Drive.

DSC08017 DSC08022 DSC08026

The Orchard Road’s Best Dressed Building Contest, which was discontinued back in 2002, is back this year. The contest started back in 1984 as an initiative by STB to enthuse shopping mall along Orchard Road to contribute to the festive spirit by decorating their facades. The winner will be announced on 18 December. For more info, visit


The best way to view the Christmas Light Up is the Open Top Buses. You can almost touch the lights. There will be lots of other events put in place to celebrate Christmas and New Year. This is one of the best time to visit Singapore.


Leonids meteor shower tonight

There will be a meteor shower tonight! The Leonids meteor shower is expected to peak on 18 Nov 2009, between 3 to 5am Singapore time. Some predicted that there will be 300 to 400 meteor per hour. And the best thing is: today is the first day of the lunar month. Which means you won’t see the moon. All you need is to find a open field away from all the lights. Might be difficult in Singapore, but not impossible.

The Science Centre Singapore and TASOS will be holding an event at Japanese Gardens from 17 Nov 8pm all the way to 18 Nov 5am.

For me, maybe I’ll find a dark spot at East Coast to view the meteor shower. It’s been almost 10 years since I last watched a meteor shower. Still remember the night sky. It was spectacular.

Update: Just found out that I misread something. There is a Meteor Storm at 12 midnight 18 Nov. 3am is a Meteor shower. Hmmm….

Verizon Christmas advertisement

Verizon launches 3 new advertisements for the Christmas season. It has the same theme as the “There’s a Map for That” series. Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant. Check out the 3 advertisements.

I love the Misfit toy advertisement. The “Island of Misfit Toys”, for the uninitiated, is an island sanctuary where defective and unwanted toys are sent. And the iPhone is there because of the AT&T 3G network that it is using. Good one guys.

It’s an interesting direction by Verizon. After all, mobile data is going to be the next big thing. (Or maybe is already the big thing now) In the near future, people might spend more on Data compared to voice and SMS. It’s a good move by Verizon to concentrate on their 3G data superiority.

You might also want to know that “There is a lawsuit for that”. Yes, AT&T is trying to sue Verizon for these ads. They claim that the maps is misleading viewers to think that AT&T has no service outside the 3G coverage area. In actual fact, they do have Voice and Edge service in places where there is no 3G coverage.

Well, at least we know that the ads are taking effect. Let’s hope that on top of the legal action, AT&T will also take some technical action like improving their 3G coverage. There are really lots of complains about AT&T network in New York or San Francisco.