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Fan brushing teeth at Chelsea vs Man UTD match

This is one of those bizarre video. Maybe the match is so exciting that you can’t miss any moment of it. But then, why the need to brush your teeth during the match? Hmmm…..

And I’m also wondering how he do it. Where to rinse?

The Budak Pantai Starbucks Tour 2009

I’ve never heard of Budak Pantai until recently. Tried looking up on them on youtube. Looks like an interesting a capella with great sense of humor. They have been singing for 15 years already. And the mountain tortoise me only heard of them recently.

Budak Pantai will be performing at Starbucks this coming Friday (today), Saturday and Sunday. Which Starbucks? Well….. there are 30 of them.
Check out the timing here.

Let me see…. maybe I’ll be at Raffles City Starbucks later tonight at 730pm.

Decade78 is great and fantastic and adorable

Decade78 is great and fantastic and adorable.

I’m saying this because he is going to buy me several gallons of Toffee Nut Latte.

Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Yes, I do accept bribes once in a while, especially in form of Toffee Nut Latte.

Let me see….. 1 Gallon is around 3.785 liters.
1 Venti drink in Starbucks is 0.591 liters.
That means 1 Gallon is around 6 1/2 cup.
1 Venti Toffee Nut Latte is $7.30.
Assuming you need 6 gallon of Toffee Nut Latte to bribe me. That will be $284.70 ONLY.

I ish cheap.

PS: As you can clearly see, I’m having a severe blogger’s block lately. Something that I haven’t been getting for quite some time. Let’s hope it goes away soon. In the meantime, please endure my lack of updates or nonsense updates like this.

PS 2: I’m joking about me accepting bribes. I don’t accept bribes. (Partly also because CPIB don’t have Toffee Nut Latte.)

PS 3: Decade78 is a great and fantastic guy. I’m not sure about adorable. And I didn’t accept any bribes for this.

PS 4: I’m drinking Toffee Nut Latte while writing this.

PS 5: Miss Loi is going to complaint that I snatch her business

Been using Twitter for 3 years and still loving it!

Wow, time really flies. I’ve been using twitter for 3 years already. I still remember learning about this interesting website from Popagandhi’s blog. Back in those days, you get a SMS whenever someone you follow tweet. (This service is still available in some countries) Still remember getting tons of SMS from Twitter back then. My friends thought I doing some big business or something.

I still remember there isn’t any twitter trend back then. No search. No RT and hashtag. No mobile site for twitter so all updates have to be done either via web browser or SMS to a UK number which cost $0.15. It is only until May 2007 that Twitter has a mobile site. And I didn’t have a data plan back then.

I still remember promoting twitter to my friends. Some of them love the service while other just didn’t get the hang of it. It’s harder to “sell” twitter back then because we still don’t know what’s the use of twitter other than broadcasting what you are doing. Things changed quite a bit over the past 3 years. Twitter has become an important tool, more than just updating what you are doing.

Oh, you might be wondering, what is my first tweet. Well, if you are expecting something interesting, sorry to disappoint you. My first tweet is rather boring. But then, that’s what most tweet are about back in the early days.

Its raining now….. And I’m suppose to go back to office. Argh

And I have no idea why am I going back to office on a Saturday afternoon. Oh, I remember why I went back to office on a Saturday afternoon. Fight fire, like I always do.

Nokia recalling 14m charger

Nokia announced that it is recalling 14 million handphone charger because plastic casing could separate and expose the unit’s internal components, creating a shock hazard. The chargers are Nokia branded and manufactured by a third-party supplier, BYD Electronic Company of China. Nokia will replace all affected handphone charger free of charge (BYD will be footing the bill). The flaw was discovered during a routine quality inspection. The recall is a proactive, precautionary measure. There is no reported incidents or injuries caused by this flaw.

Only 3 chargers models are affected. Model numbers AC-3E and AC-3U manufactured between June 15, 2009 and August 9, 2009 and Model number AC-4U manufactured between April 13, 2009 and October 25, 2009. For more info, refer to Nokia’s website.

AC-3E, AC-3U and AC-4U are for 2-pin socket. UK 3-pin socket type chargers are not affected in this recall. There were news that countries like UK, China, Brazil and Argentina are not affected. But a quick check with Nokia Singapore reveals that some Nokia phone in Singapore do comes with of the affected charger. So if you have a 2-pin socket Nokia charger, do check if your charger is being recalled.

In Singapore, consumers will be able to exchange the affected chargers at the Nokia Care Centres.