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Creative working on an E-book – Zii MediaBook

Creative surprised everyone yet again when they show off a working prototype of a E-book during their recent Annual General Meeting. The Zii MediaBook is reported to have touchscreen that can handle audio, videos, pictures and text. It will run on Creative’s Zii System-On-Chip technology and will be Internet-enabled.

As of now, Creative is already in talk with 10 international and local publishers to provide content for the MediaBook. It is no surprised that SPH is also in talk with Creative to provide content for the ebook. Imagine having Straits Times or HWZ delivered to your Zii MediaBook on the go.

No words on how big the device will be or how it will be accessing the internet. No product specs or launch date. But we do know that it can even facebook or twitter.

Wait a minute Creative…. This is not an E-book! It’s a Tablet! But who cares what you call it? This is going to be an amazing product. Hope Creative do a good job with the implementation.

Damn, why didn’t anyone at the AGM sneak out a few photos of this interesting gadget?

Toffeenut latte is back

I think I just found something to remind me that Christmas is coming. Toffeenut Latte from Starbucks. Yes, this fantastic drink is only available during the holiday season. And it’s back in stores now! Woohoo!!!!


Grab yours now before they stop selling.

PS: If you are in Singapore, you can use your Starbucks Passport to buy a grande size Toffeenut Latte. Cheers!!!

How Dilbert and Wally use Twitter?

OK, its not really possible to do this in real life unless your boss is as dumb as Pointy-Haired Boss.