Dee Kay Dot As Gee Giveaway: Namecard holder from Banyan Tree

Got this from a media Christmas party last week. It’s a beautifully designed namecard holder from the Museum Shop by Banyan Tree. This is part of the “Lion” Collection. The ink calligraphy is in Xing Style with the Chinese character “Lion” by Pan Shou followed by a verse about Singapore as a Lion City.
I love this namecard holder. But judging from the way I abuse my namecard holder, I think it will make Pan Shou a very angry person when he sees me. So I’m giving it away to my blog reader. Hope that he/she treats it well.
How to apply:
Just drop me an email me with the title: “Dee Kay Dot As Gee Giveaway: Namecard holder from Banyan Tree”. Closing date is this next Monday, 21 Dec 2009, 2359. I will randomly select the winner via the usual method. Refer to the rules for more details.
PS: I still got 1 more thing to give out tomorrow. So keep a lookout.
Update: Closed

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