Hacking the wall in Hackerspace

There was a false wall at Hackerspace Singapore in the main working area. The guys wanted to remove it so that there is more working space. They were considering hiring professional help. But I knew it’s not going to come cheap.

I’ve hired someone to knock down a false wall which was at least 3 times larger for my previous office. The guys told me that they aren’t making much profit from it. But they took up the job because my dad knew them. Basically, most of the cost go to the workers’ salary. There isn’t much skill or equipments involved. So I guess it would cost the same if we got their help. And honestly, it’s not worth paying that amount for that small wall.

So I suggested that I knock down the wall myself since I’ve seen how they do it and roughly know how to do it. Initially, there were lots of concerns like what if the wall is nailed firmly onto the ground etc etc. But you’ll never know until you try. So, in true Hackerspace spirit, I just went ahead and it. Besides, there are so many experts here in Hackerspace. If something really go wrong, just crowd source the solution.

I was lucky that there isn’t a need to get extra help. The false wall, as I predicted, is mostly hollow and pretty easy to tear down. And the only tool that I need was a hammer.

The knocking down of the false wall is easy. The tough part was the cleaning up. Luckily I got the help of several members. And within hours, the wall is no more.

That was fun. Too bad there isn’t anymore false walls in Hackerspace Singapore for me to knock down.

6 Responses to 'Hacking the wall in Hackerspace'

  1. Faru says:

    Good, now you have another career option!

  2. dk says:

    Faru: Haha. There aren’t so many walls to knock down.

  3. Nice job. and in true hacker spirit!!!! great!
    .-= littlestgator´s last blog ..Weekly Meeting 12/15 =-.

  4. Zubair Khan says:

    ha ha ha ya i agree with you and its an interesting post thanks for sharing it i am new to this site just joined it liked it a lot and i hope i will carry on in the future as well thanks!

  5. JamCanSing says:

    Oh my gawd, no eye protection…what kind of message are you trying to share with everyone?! It is only funny until someone loses an eye. Just kidding. In all seriousness a short disclaimer or notice about eye and work safety would help protect followers of false wall hacking.

  6. dk says:

    JamCanSing: Haha. Ya, didn’t think about eye protection. But the debris aren’t flying towards me, so it is relatively safe. (and clean) In fact, I went to a Wedding Dinner after knocking down the wall. Haha.

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