Best of 2009

It’s the end of the year. I guess after playing and reviewing with so much gadget, I should come out with a list gadgets that I think are the best of 2009.


Best Notebook: Lenovo Thinkpad T400s
A slim and lightweight 14.1inch laptop. You can run a 26,000 pounds vehicle over it and the harddisk is still intact. Need I say more?

Best Netbook: Lenovo S10-2 & Samsung N310
I can’t decide which netbook is better. Both netbooks have good looks and keyboard. S10-2 has a quickstart function that I love. N310 has a super long battery life. So I guess it would be a tie for this.

Best Smartphone: HTC Hero
I’m considering either iPhone 3GS of HTC Hero. But the iPhone 3GS didn’t have much improvements over the iPhone 3G (which would have been my 2008’s Best Smartphone). So I guess HTC Hero deserves this place better. Strange, notice that I didn’t do a review on this phone even though I’ve been playing with it for quite some time.


Best Unlimited Music Download Service: Nokia Comes With Music
2009 is an interesting year where we saw 3 unlimited music download services hit the shores of Singapore. (Nokia Comes With Music, Sony Ericsson PlayNow Plus and Singtel AMPed) And Nokia Comes With Music is a clear winner among the 3 for it’s large catalog and audio quality.


Best Local Gadget: X-Mini 2 Capsule Speaker
Hard to believe that these little speakers are actually designed by a Singapore company. They may be small, but they sure produce great sound. It is so good that I bought 2 of them myself after reviewing it. Loving it.

OK, that’s all for my Best of 2009 list. Let’s pray that 2010 will have more amazing gadgets. Cheers!

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  1. Derrick Koh says:

    Thanks for the writeup, dk. What makes me even more glad is knowing that you’re an unbiased and objective fella from Tech65!

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