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Send and Receive Twitter SMS in Indonesia

When Twitter first started, the biggest feature is that you receive a SMS when the people you follow post a tweet. But that feature was being disabled worldwide except for US, Canada, UK and India. Although I’ve grown used to not having SMS updates, I still feel that its a good feature to have.

Anyway, good news for all Indonesians Twitter users. Axis has partnered with Twitter to bring SMS notification to all Axis users. Well, you need to pay Rp 1500 per week. But that’s just S$0.22 per week! Wow.

Starhub also have similar service call MobiTweet. It’s free from now till 31 Dec 2009. After that, it will cost $5.35 per month. The only problem is that you can only receive SMS updates from up to 10 people that you are following. Oh well, better than nothing right?