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Wendy is back in town

Good news fast food lovers! Wendy’s is back in Singapore. The first branch opened last Monday at Lao Pa Sat.

The Franchisee in Singapore is Kopitiam Group. Saw on newspaper report that they intend to open another 35 branches in Singapore over the next decade. And if possible, they will also operate 24 hours and do deliveries. Cool.

Somehow I don’t remember ever visiting Wendy’s when they were in Singapore more than 10 years ago. But being a junk food lover, I went to Lao Pa Sat to try it out. And I love the burger a lot. The beef is juicy and delicious. Wendy’s is famous for it’s square beef patties, which the company say is made from fresh ground beef, not frozen patties.

The fries so so only. But it taste better if you dip it into their Chilli. (I don’t mean chilli sauce) The Chilli are fantastic and the burgers will make you go back again and again.

In fact, I love it so much that I’ve been there twice last week already. OK, time to go for some exercise.

Benjamin Chow – Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Got to know Benjamin lately at Hackerspace Singapore. He is a pretty good singer and provided lots of entertainment during our Christmas party last friday.

I didn’t know he is a contestant for Singapore Idol 3. I don’t watch Singapore Idol anyway. And he was eliminated pretty early. Which is quite a pity. I think he is a pretty good singer and entertainer. Check out his version of Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Specially requested him to do it infront of my camera.

Pretty good huh? Don’t ask me why he was being eliminated so early.

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Singapore launch

RIM recently launched the BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Or Bold 2 as some people call it) in Singapore. The Bold 9700 is an update to the successful BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Perhaps the biggest difference on the Bold 9700 is the touch-sensitive optical trackpad. I’m not sure if this is the first BlackBerry with a touch-sensitive trackpad. But I’m definitely preferring the trackpad to trackball. Pretty sensitive and useful for quick scrolling. But I guess some of the BlackBerry fans will miss the trackball. The trackball is great. But maintenance is always an issue with trackball. Which is why I think trackpad is better.

I also got to checkout the BlackBerry App World. Currently, there are only free apps on the App World Singapore. Heard from the RIM folks that they are working with PayPal for the payment. Let’s hope we get paid apps soon. There are a few local apps like iCabSG, Golden Village and Foyage. I guess more will come soon.

Will do a review on this phone when I get my hands on the review unit. Sorry for the lack of photos. The lightings wasn’t ideal and my camera is dying.

Guitar Hero Christmas Lighting

How I wish I have a house that allows me to do such geeky lightings during Christmas.

Yeap, playing Guitar Hero with your Christmas lighting. Cool huh? Passerby in cars can even tune their radio to 99.1 to listen.

The most E >< pensive letter

You must be wondering, what’s the matter with the title. Why did I use “><" instead of the letter after 'W' and before 'Y'. Well, that is because my iMac keyboard is spoilt! The letter between 'Z' and 'C' on my keyboard is faulty. I can press it down but nothing happens on screen. Sigh, I guess I have to buy a new Apple keyboard. I've been abusing this keyboard for 2 years already. Time for it to retire and let a new keyboard takeover. But the new Apple Keyboard is $78 lor! Wah piang. I'm going to spend $78 just for 1 letter? That is the most e >< pensive letter!!!

What to do? Will die without that letter. Cannot use the shortcut for cut too. I thought of buying the Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard. It’s just $20 e >< tra. But then, the only problem is that it doesn't have the number pad. I need the number pad. So too bad Apple, it's going to be the wired keyboard for me until you release a wireless bluetooth keyboard with number pad. PS: Maybe I should stick to using this faulty keyboard. I only use that letter for 5 times in this blog entry. I think I can do with that letter. Stick with using >< or virtual keyboard. Wahahahahahaha. Kidding kidding.