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Tech of the decade

Happy 2010 everyone! Hope you had a great New Year Eve celebration. I had one of the best countdown at Hackerspace last night. More on that later.

I was listening to TWIT podcast this morning they talk about the tech news of the decade. I guess I should use my first blog entry of 2010 to talk about the tech of the decade. If you ask me, the tech news of the decade has got to be the rise of blogging and micro-blogging (aka Twitter).

Although blogging has been around since 1997, it only picked up in popularity last decade. When we countdown to the year 2000, I remember that most of us are still having home page instead of blog. But things have changed over the last 10 years. Most people drop their home page and began blogging. I started blogging in 2002. Back then, blogging was just gaining popularity in Singapore. But most of the blogs are like online diary. It is only later when bloggers start branching out to writing about technology, food, fashion, lifestyle etc etc etc. Bloggers begin to slowly increase their influence.

Towards the end of the last decade, we see a slight decline in blogging and a rise in micro-blogging like Twitter. Twitter is a powerful tool for real time news. Never before has information been able to spread so quickly. But that doesn’t mean that blogging is going to die out soon. 140 characters can never replace a blog entry. Instead, I see Twitter as a complement to blogging. And I foresee this trend to go on for quite some time.

The rise of blogging and micro-blogging mean the shift of influence/power from the mainstream media to the average person. It is perhaps the greatest invention since printing press. Media is no longer controlled by News Corporations. Anyone with a internet connection and an opinion can be a reporter. Even journalist from mainstream media have hop on the blogging/twittering bandwagon. Blogging and micro-blogging has changed the way we consume news.

And the fact that you are reading a blog now instead of a website already proof my point that the rise of blogging/micro-blogging is the tech of the decade.