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Singaporeans urged to save water

Minister for Environment and Water Resources Dr Yaacob Ibrahim urged Singaporeans to save water during the World Water Day 2010. Singapore faced a dry spell in February 2010, but instead of conserving water, Singaporeans used 6.6% more water compared to last year. PUB, along with Coca-Cola Singapore and the Singapore Scouts Association, are on a drive to get more to use water wisely.

On other news, Jurong GRC’s Bukit Batok Division is having a Water Festival on 18 April 2010. Organised by the grassroots organizations and the Myanmese community in Singapore, the Water Festival is a celebration to welcome the New Year in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Participants will splash water at each other to wash away their trouble. 3000 people are expected to attend the Water Festival 2010.

I just checked the calendar. We are still 1 week away from April Fools’ Day.

Source: SPUG

Starhub Urban FreeStyle

The Starhub Urban FreeStyle, Singapore’s first parkour-inspired fun run, will be taking place on 10 April 2010. Freestylers will navigate 6.5km of Singapore’s city centre street, lined by 9 obstacles inspired by popular culture and designed to appeal to Singapore’s running mases.

I was going thru the list of the obstacles that is being setup specially for this run. Some of them looks pretty interesting. Like the Discovery Channel Man vs. Wild obstacle and HBO Tunnel The Pacific obstacle. Oh, and there is a Fast & FreeStyle obstacle which is made up of 2 cars in colliding position. Imagine parkour over 2 stationary car. Sounds cool.

Registration fee for the Starhub Urban FreeStyle is at S$55. Registration Ends 8 April.

Or if you are the less sporty type, you can visit the StarHub Urban FreeStyle Fest featuring live performances by local bands and dancers. There is also a flea market and many other activities. Admission to the FreeStyle Fest is free.

For more info, visit Starhub Urban FreeStyle website or Facebook fanpage

Starhub Urban FreeStyle
Date: 10 April 2010
Time: 3pm (First flag off)
Venue: Padang

StarHub Urban FreeStyle Fest
Date: 10 April 2010
Time: 2.00pm to 12.00am
Venue: Padang

My hotmail got hacked – Sorry for the Spam

OK, this is embarrassing. I think my hotmail account got hacked and it was sending out email to everyone in my address book. If you received email from my hotmail account, please ignore it. The title is either “Hello”, “~~Hi~~”, “-Hi”, “+Hi+”, “Opa” or stuff like that. Most of them does not have messages or anything on it. Some of them have a link. Do not click on the link.

Terribly sorry for the inconveniences.

I have no idea how did my hotmail got hacked. Or was it hacked to begin with. Some friends suggested that it might be a virus. I’m not sure man. I wasn’t using my hotmail at that time. I wasn’t even using a PC at that time. I was using my iMac.

I don’t use that email account. The only reason why that email account exist is for my MSN and junk mails. And rightfully the address book should be empty. But as it is linked to my MSN, the address book has all the contact of those on my MSN. Sorry everyone.

I’ve changed the password. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again. And let me see if I can figure out what exactly happen.

Twestival SG: Beers and Tweets for a good cause

Twestival is back. This time, we are Tweeting for Concern Worldwide, an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to reducing suffering and ending extreme poverty. The focus for Twestival 2010 is on education and 72 million children in the world who don’t have the opportunity to go to school.

Twestival Singapore 2010 will be held on 25 March 2010 (This Thursday), 6 to 10pm at Brewerkz Riverside Point.

Brewerkz has kindly agreed to donate 10% of all revenue from food and drinks sold that night at the event. There will be performance by Jack & Rai and Deborah Lee & Thomas. Joe Augustin will be the emcee for the night.

So come eat, drink, tweet and do a part for charity. (OK, I know this is the perfect excuse for drinking)

For more info about Twestival SG 2010 and the kind sponsors, visit the Singapore Twestival blog.

What has Jurong Town Council done to justify the S&C hike?

As you all should know by now, Jurong and Aljunied Town Council will be increasing their Service & Conservancy Charges. Being a resident of Jurong, I think there is a need for me to voice out my comment on this issue.

Like Aljunied Town Council, Jurong Town Council send a letter to all residents to justify the hike. Let me list down their excuses and my arguements.

38.4% increase in electricity tariffs (from Oct 2004 to Jan 2010)
Everybody’s electricity tariff increase. Not just the Town Council’s. Businesses, Hawkers and even residents all faces the same electricity tariff increase. Even other town councils are facing the same electricity tariffs. So why is it that only Jurong and Aljunied Town Council are increasing their S&C Charges?

$115m Co-payment towards HDB Lift Upgrading Programe (LUP)
The HDB Lift Upgrading Programme is your election promise to us. As residents, we paid our portion of the LUP fee. So why is it that residents are supposed to bear responsibilities towards the town council portion of the co-payment? Isn’t it supposed to be co-payment? How come all the charges goes to the residents?

Number of lifts increased from 1002 to 1139 (From 2005 to 2010). Expected to reach 1575 when LUP completed.
Like I said, the LUP is your election promise to the resident. So why should we be footing the bill for the extra cost in maintaining your election promise to us. If we are paying extra S&C charges for the lift, then can I say that this LUP has nothing to do with the PAP team in Jurong GRC?

Cleaning cost increased by 10%
I guess other Town Councils are also facing the same cleaning cost increase. So why aren’t they increasing their S&C charges too? Unless the other Town Council did some cost cutting measures to reduce cost. Hmmmm……

All the business in Singapore are facing increase in their operating cost just like the Town Council. But what makes the businesses different is that they try their best to cut cost or increase efficiency so that they do not need to past the increased operating cost to their customers. What has Jurong Town Council done to cut cost? Strangely, the 1 page letter explaining the reason behind the S&C hike did not mention anything about Jurong Town Council’s effort to cut cost and increase efficiency. All they did is to tell us that cost of everything has increased. I know that too. Prices of everything has gone up.

What have they done to cut cost and increase efficiency? Did they install solar panel to offset the electricity bills? Did they get better cleaning equipments so that it cut down the number of cleaners required? Did Jurong Town Council did their very best to reduce operating cost first before deciding on this S&C hike?

Interestingly, my plate of Chicken Rice is still $3 since hmmm…. I can’t remember when was the last time they increase the price. Year 2000? Or even earlier? Why is that so? Their rental, utilities bills, ingredients cost, manpower cost and S&C charges went up too. Hmmm…. maybe because of competition. Maybe because they know that if they increase to $3.50, customers will choose another store. Maybe they have been adopting cost cutting measures. Or maybe they are bearing the increase in cost and earning less. Perhaps the Jurong and Aljunied Town Council should learn from the chicken rice store owner.

And if Jurong Town Council is not able to maintain Jurong GRC without increasing the S&C Charges, then perhaps they should give up the operation of Jurong GRC and hand it over to someone who is able to do a better job at a lower rate.