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Let’s Care and Celebrate! In aid of SCWO – Star Shelter.

To celebrate her blog’s first anniversary on 2nd April, Miss Glitzy will holding an online auction to help the Singapore Council of Women Organisations – Star Shelter.

The Star Shelter was set up in 1999 to help women and their children who are being abused. Women who are admitted to the shelter are aged 18-75 years old and children ranged from newborn to 10 years old for boys and no age limit for girls. Residents at the shelter form a good mix of all races and religions and all of them are referred by the Family Court, Family Service Centres, the Police, Hospitals and other agencies that run crisis helplines. Some of the beneficiaries need a place to stay when they leave their abusive relationships, as well as to be protected from their partners.

Miss Glitzy and several influential fashion bloggers are donating their favourite items for readers to bid. All proceeds will be in aid of SCWO – Star Shelter. The first round of auction will be held from 22nd March 12pm to 28th March 12pm. The second round of auction will be held from 29th March 12pm to 4th April 12pm.

Please do a part for charity. If you are interested in the item, bid generously. If you have a blog, facebook or twitter account, please help spread the message around. For more information, please visit Miss Glitzy’s blog.

First Look: Lenovo Skylight

Disclaimer: Before I begin, let me just say that the unit that I had is a prototype. And like all prototype, the performance is not at it’s optimum. Things that you see here might also change when it is released for retail.

I got to try out the Lenovo Skylight for a few days. I must say that the Skylight is an interesting product category. I don’t think it can be considered a netbook. The Lenovo Skylight is running a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. Yes, that’s the same processor in some smartphones like Nexus One. Lenovo classified the Skylight as smartbook. Which I guess is somewhere between the Smart Phone and Netbook category. Hmmm….

The Skylight is very sleek and lightweight. 10.1 inch screen, 25.3 x 20.11mm x 1.72-1.89 cm and weighs less than 907 grams. Despite the size, the keyboard and touchpad is not compromised. In fact, the full size keyboard is pretty comfortable to type with. The size of the touchpad is pretty generous. There is no physical buttons for the touchpad. You press down the touchpad for left and right click. Personally, I would prefer physical buttons for the touchpad.

The Lenovo Skylight is running Lenovo’s Skylight operating system which is built on top of a Linux kernel. The operating system is fairly easy to use. The Lenovo Skylight comes with more than 18 preloaded web gadgets like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Calendar, Amazon MP3, Roxio CinemaNow, dropbox and more. There is even a instant messenger too. Cool. The specs says it comes with 2 GB of cloud storage. Not sure if it applies to countries outside US.

Although the Lenovo Skylight can multi-task, I notice that the machine starts to lag when I have more than 9 applications opened in the background. Well, it is after all a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. And why would you need to multi-task so many applications? The Lenovo Skylight can play Flash. But the prototype unit that I got didn’t play YouTube video well. I guess Lenovo will have to fix that before launching the Skylight.

Storage is pretty interesting. The Lenovo Skylight’s 4gb storage is on a USB stick. All data are stored in the USB Stick. You can remove the USB Stick even when the Skylight is running. Fast and easy way to transfer the data to the desktop or laptop next to you. One thing strange is that the USB Stick is pretty huge. From what I understand, it is to cater for an optional phone for internet call. Anyway, the USB Stick is tuck nicely above the keyboard.

One good thing about the Lenovo Skylight is the built in 3G SIM Card slot. Which is quite useful since I think the Skylight user will be connected to the cloud most of the time. The published battery life of the Skylight is 10 hours but I guess this is not with 3G usage. As we all know, 3G does drain battery. The battery is non-user replaceable. Oh, did I mention that there is a HDMI port?

The Lenovo Skylight is certainly an interesting product. I don’t have the pricing and expected launch date for Singapore yet. But I guess the pricing of the Lenovo Skylight would play a key role in it’s success. *Wink*

Standard Time by Mark Formanek

Standard Time is a 24 hour performance art by Mark Formanek involving 70 workers building a wooden 4 x 12m digital time display in real time. Check out the short clip of the action. Imagine them doing this for 24 hours.

Looks difficult to coordinate. Everything flim in 24 hours non-stop. Simply amazing

Check out the website here.

Heineken Italy Activation AC Milan vs Real Madrid

Heineken played a great prank on football fans last October when Real Madrid played Champions League match against AC Milan.

Cool stuff. But I wonder how many of them quarreled before coming to the concert. :P

Dee digITall Lobang

What happens when DK, Chester Chen and Joe Teh teams up?

It involves 4 DSLR, 1 modified tripod, 1 Intel Core i7 laptop and a fast internet connection. Can you guess what is it?

Join us at our facebook group where we slowly unveil what have we been brewing for the past few days.