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So what’s after iPad?

Luckily for everyone, it’s just a joke. Right?

Anyway, the iPad will be out on 3rd April 2010 in the US. Customer can pre-order now.

Jack Neo Affair Scandal Press Conference

I guess if you are a Singaporean (or living in Singapore), you would have heard of the Jack Neo affair scandal. It’s all over the news. Well, Jack Neo had a press conference yesterday morning. If you are interested, here is the video of the press conference.

That’s the entire press conference. It ended in 3 minutes. I guess the press conference is necessary to “calm” the media. Lots of speculations are going around and there is a need to set things straight. But I think it’s a badly managed press conference. Don’t think it managed to calm anyone. The news report of the scandal keeps coming in. All the newspaper in Singapore are still reporting this.

I find it funny that some people are saying that Jack Neo is insincere. But the thing is, does he need to be sincere to us? Does he owe us an apology? I don’t think so. This is his personal affairs. The only person Jack Neo need to be sincere now is to his wife. Which I presume he has been doing for the past few days. And yes, the press conference has been cut short. It didn’t explain anything to the public. But if you watch the video, Jack Neo’s wife was crying badly after she made her statement. After all, she has been thru a lot over the past few days. And she is not in the entertainment circle. She doesn’t know how to handle the media and all the camera flashlights. If Jack Neo continue with the press conference, people will say that he is a heartless person. If he cut short the press conference, people say he is insincere during the press conference.

Both ways also wrong. Sometimes it’s tough being a human.

Then there are people who say that Jack Neo shouldn’t bring his wife along. I do somewhat agree with that. But then, perhaps she is the one who wanted to attend the press conference with him to give him support? And if she didn’t attend, the media and public will speculate that the two of them have broken up. Again, both ways also wrong.

The whole entire scandal is Jack Neo’s fault. I guess his career is now ruin and we won’t see any more film directed by him. He is fortunate to have a supporting wife. I think he doesn’t deserve to have such a good wife. This whole issue has become a media fanfare. And honestly, I’m pretty amused by all the woman who step out recently claiming that Jack Neo has attempted to woo them. Come on, attempting to woo you does not make you the number 2 or number 3 woman in this scandal. Stop trying to profit from this scandal.

I know many fans are angry over the whole scandal. But who are we to comment if the wife has already forgiven him?

I think the local media had over reported this scandal. It’s time we move on. There are bigger news out there. Like Jurong and Aljunied Town Council raising the S&C charges. Or the Romanian diplomat hit and run case. Or the budget debate. Or even the proposed change to the electoral system.

It’s time the local media give Jack Neo and his wife a break. They have lots of fixing to do in this marriage.

PS: It’s really a very badly managed press conference. The lighting should be brighter so that the reporters don’t need to use so much flashlights. There should also be a few security guard to stop the media from coming onto the stage and blocking the exit path.

Update: Jack Neo has apologized on his blog.

Been on Host Gator for more than a year and loving it

I’ve been hosting my blog on Host Gator for more than a year already. And so far, I’m loving it.

Host Gator isn’t my first webhost. I started on Dreamhost in the beginning. But it was more of a nightmare than a dream. I lost count of the number of downtimes. I still remember there was once when Dreamhost was down for 2 days. That was unacceptable. The downtime was so bad that I have their server status webpage on my bookmark.

So I switched over to Host Gator more than a year ago and end my nightmare. Host Gator is pretty reliable. I only remember a couple of minor downtime which lasted a few hours. Other than that, everything is very reliable. I know that Host Gator has a website to check the status of the server, but I don’t remember the URL because I hardly need to check.

And apart from their reliable uptime, their tech support is pretty good too. I remember sending them questions on how to do some setting. Instead of replying the instructions, they did the setting for me. 2 thumbs up.

I don’t have much experience with web hosting. But if someone ask me to recommend a webhost, I will definitely say Host Gator. And I’m sure many other Host Gator customers will agree with me too. I’m very happy with Host Gator and I don’t foresee myself changing web host anytime soon.

Review: X-Mini Happy

Remember X-Mini 2 Capsule Speaker? It’s the winner for my 2009 Best Local Gadget. And you can imagine how excited I was when I went to their office to collect a review unit their latest creation, the X-Mini Happy.

The X-Mini Happy, in short, is a X-Mini 2 Capsule Speaker with a SD card slot that converts it into a MP3 player. Or rather, the world’s smallest Boombox. The sound quality, to the non-audiophile me, is the same as the X-Mini 2 Capsule Speaker. The controls are fairly easy and straight forward. The jog dial basically does all the controlling. Press and hold the jog dial for On/Off. Press the jog dial for Play/Pause. Scroll the jog dial left/right for previous/next track. Scroll and hold the jog dial left/right to decrease/increase the volume. It’s a pity that the X-Mini doesn’t comes with a shuffle mode.

Since there is only 1 speaker, music coming out from the X-Mini Happy speaker is in mono. Like the X-Mini 2, the X-Mini Happy also comes with a Buddy Jack for you to add more speakers. Or if you want to enjoy the music alone, you can plug in a headphone and press the mute button. This sorts of convert your boombox into a personal stereo MP3 player. Earphones are provided in the retail package. What is lacking from the retail package is a lanyard for you to hang the X-Mini Happy on your neck and use it as a MP3 player. But no worries, there is a hole for you to hook your own lanyard.

The X-Mini Happy can also function as a normal Capsule Speaker when you remove the SD Card. Like the X-Mini 2, I like the way the cables coils around the speakers nicely. The X-Mini Happy has a non-removable build in battery that can be charged using the MiniUSB port. Battery life is pretty decent with 5 to 6 hours of MP3 playback or 11 hours of speaker usage.

As a whole, I love the X-Mini Happy. My only complaint is that it always revert to the default volume after you turn off the power. This can be quite a problem because the default volume is pretty high. I find myself having to quickly reduce the volume whenever I turn on the power. The X-Mini Happy also doesn’t remember the exact spot where you stop your MP3. Instead, it always start from the beginning of the song that you stopped previously.

The X-Mini Happy will make it’s debut at the coming IT Show (11 – 14 March 2010). Original retail price is S$119. First 100 units at the IT Show will be sold at a special price of S$99.

In short:
Same good X-mini 2 Capsule Speaker, now with built-in MP3 player

Amazing sound quality
Easy to use

Doesn’t remember previous volume setting
No Shuffle mode

Who voted this Ong Ah Heng into Parliament?

I read with great disbelief that Mr Ong Ah Heng, a Singapore Member of Parliament, actually said this in Parliament during the budget debate.

“I know of one family who complain the cleaners in their precinct are lazy and too old. They don’t want local workers who are old, they want young foreign workers. To satisfy the demand, I changed the local workers to foreign workers. Foreign workers are not a burden to us. Their presence here is not negative. Without foreign workers, things will be worse,”

Mr Ong Ah Heng should be ashamed of himself for making such statement in Parliament. Has he ever questioned why the senior citizen have to work as cleaners instead of enjoying their retirement? Does he know that these senior citizen have contributed to the development of Singapore when they were younger? Why isn’t the country taking care of them when they are old? Is this how the Government treat it’s citizens who had contributed to the country? Replace them with foreign workers when they grow old.

And he is doing this because of ONE complaint? So what if one day someone from his constituency complaint that the MP is too old and want a young foreign one? Is he going to sack himself and hire a foreigner to take over his job?

I think Singapore is really a very unique country. Our Member of Parliament are actually taking care of the foreigners more than its own citizen. What kind of rubbish is this? Fire the older locals and hire younger foreigners? Did he check what went wrong before replacing them with foreign workers? Could he had improve the working environment so that the senior citizen could do their work better? If the senior citizen is really not performing in his/her job, could he replaced him/her with another local instead of a foreigner? Why is there a need to change all to foreign workers? Why label all senior citizen as burden just because of 1 complaint? Are older local worker really a burden to us? And most importantly, can we afford to carry this burden? Remember: We used to be THEIR burden when they were younger.

Utterly disgusted that we have this kind of MP in Singapore. Has he forgotten about PM Lee’s New Year message for 2010 where he emphasized that Singaporeans are top priority for the Government.

Seriously, who voted for this fellow?