JooJoo received 90 pre-orders (and 15 cancellation)

Wanted to blog about this yesterday. But after looking at the date, I guess it would be better to wait 1 more day before posting. This is not an April Fools joke. It’s real. JooJoo only received 90 pre-orders. And if that is not shocking enough, there were 15 cancellation.
These numbers are revealed by Gizmodo after looking at the Paypal documents from the JooJoo/Techcrunch lawsuit. Note that the number is as of 11 February 2010. We do not know how many more orders did Fusion Garage receive after 11 February. But I do not see any special movements in the stars that could cause sudden increase in pre-order.
If you can still remember, Chandra, CEO of Fusion Garage, did an interview with SGEntrepreneurs back in early February.

Fusion Garage has already opened pre-sales of the JooJoo, but only in the US. On this, he said that they have already gotten significant pre-sales, but refused to divulge any numbers. (Of course.) According to Chandra, with the announcement and launch of the iPad, pre-sales of JooJoo has gone UP. Hmm.

Note: The interview was done on 1st February. According to Gizmodo, 90 Pre-Orders were received as of 11 February. I didn’t know that 90 minus 15 is considered significant.
On the plus side, Fusion Garage did improve on the user interface since the last time I wrote about them. The user interface looks a lot better now with good looking background. But I’ve no idea which smart alex came up with the idea of using 2 fingers to scroll instead of 1. The video by Engadget also shows that the screen is a little unresponsive sometimes when scrolling. The keyboard is still the old non-fullscreen type. Not sure if they fixed the keyboard responsive issue. Check out Engadget’s first look at the JooJoo.
Right now, the JooJoo is only available in the US. The 75 who pre-ordered the JooJoo should have just gotten it or be getting it soon. We’ll wait and see if any more hands on video pops out. But remember, there’s only 75 JooJoo in the wild now.
With only 75 units out in the wild, the World Conservation Union should classify the JooJoo under Critically Endangered Species.


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