Using Matt Harding to promote YourSingapore?

In case you still don’t know, the slogan “Uniquely Singapore” has retired after being used to promote Singapore tourism for the past six years. The new slogan by Singapore Tourism Board is “YourSingapore”. Don’t ask me what does YourSingapore means. According to some news article, YourSingapore is a brand idea built on the unique truth of Singapore – that its breadth and depth of attractions is so accessible and user-friendly, that visitors are able to personalise their trip according to what they like, when they like it.

I don’t know about you, but I think we could have created a better slogan. Something catchy and able to describe Singapore in a few words. Something that stands out among the rest and make tourist want to choose us as a tourist destination.

And what makes me more puzzled was STB’s decision to use Matt Harding and his dancing to promote Singapore in New York recently. For the uninitiated, Matt Harding is the guy dancing in the Visa ads. He became famous online after posting video of himself dancing all over the world back in 2006.

You see, Matt is an American. His dance move, although interesting and entertaining, has nothing to do with Singapore. So why choose him and his dance to promote Singapore as a tourist destination?

If someone does the Hula, you would straight away think of Hawaii. If someone does the Maori Haka, it would remind you of New Zealand. So if someone does the Matt Harding dance, would you think of Singapore or Matt Harding?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to promote Singapore using something that is more Singapore-ish? Something that defines what Singapore truly is. Something that people can identify it straight away as Singapore.

18 Responses to 'Using Matt Harding to promote YourSingapore?'

  1. Kenny says:

    Who the hell comes up with these stupid slogans? Going from bad to worse.
    .-= Kenny´s last blog ..Pasir Gudang (Johor Circuit) – [photo intensive] =-.

  2. Nabilah Said says:

    It just makes me go wtf. Everything from the slogan, to using Matt Harding, to doing a flash mob, just screams “let’s take ideas from everywhere else, combine them into one and hope that they take off like wild fire”. No sense of originality!

  3. Ridz says:

    It really just irritates me that “YourSingapore” gives me the impression that my country is no longer meant for me.
    .-= Ridz´s last blog ..Heart of The Matter by Don Henley =-.

  4. dk says:

    Ridz: Or no longer belongs to us.

  5. Hillary says:

    Curious, what type of dance will accurately reflect Singapore?
    .-= Hillary´s last blog ..What Makes You Happy? =-.

  6. dk says:

    Hillary: I would say there isn’t any. Since we don’t have a national dance, why not focus on something else?

  7. rinaz says:

    I’d choose Singapore girl :-)
    .-= rinaz´s last blog ..I just ate a chocolate egg as big as football =-.

  8. weekee says:

    correct me if i am wrong but is the dance done in Singapore? It looks like new york to me with all the ang mohs…

    don’t get the ad.

  9. dk says:

    weekee: Yeap, it is in New York.

    It’s not really an ad. Just a video on the road show in New York.

  10. yongwei92 says:

    it’s yoursingapore now? no longer mine?

  11. Aaron Peng says:

    I personally think that the dance is not a bad idea.
    I mean, its really a hit here in Singapore as it is. Maybe people over the world like him just as much?

    And if people then start associating the dance with Singapore instead of just Visa… we’re winners!

    Incidentally, did Visa tie up with STB to do this? Why do I see Visa or was it Mastercard(?) on the sleeves of the t-shirts they are wearing?

    As for “Your Singapore”. Like what Ridz says.. it just makes me feel like Singapore is no longer for citizens but for everyone else.

    The slogan couldn’t have come at a worse timing.
    .-= Aaron Peng´s last blog ..Facts about soft drinks you should know.~ =-.

  12. Joe Teh says:

    I think this Matt Harding is with Visa and STPB is using it (Visa) to promote Singapore.

    As for why in New York, I believe it is a contest for the winner to get a free trip to Singapore.

    Anyway, I can’t seems to see the full version of the dance properly. It seems to incorporate his original dance.

    BTW, I think they use Matt Harding because he reminds you of the dance, the dance reminds you of Visa, and Visa will point to Singapore via YourSingapore branding and that means spend your money in Singapore using your Visa.
    .-= Joe Teh´s last blog ..PopCap Plants Vs Zombies HD App Available for Apple iPad Now =-.

  13. Mustafa says:

    Oh dear… hope they didn’t spend $400,000 coming up with that slogan.

  14. Nic says:

    I think YourSingapore sounds weird to us locals although I quite like the logo. Think I’d have preferred ‘MySingapore’ or something.
    As for Matt, maybe becoz we don’t have a local dance, and since YourSingapore implies that we want Singapore to be anyone’s Singapore, that Matt seemed a good choice to the STB folks as his dance as accepted by people all over the world, at least as seen in the YouTube vids. Not sure if it brought the intended effect, I must say.

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