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@HTC having a contest on the 10th anniversary of the iPAQ

HTC’s Twitter account is having a contest now as I’m blogging this. It’s the 10th anniversary of the iPAQ 3600. According to the Twitter account, that is the PDA that gotten HTC started. All you need to do is to post a picture of you and your iPAQ 3600. Every 10th entry will win a HTC Legend.

They are giving out 10 HTC Legend. So far, they have given out 7 already. Left 3 more. So if you have a iPAQ 3600, quick take a photo of it and post in on Twitter. Who knows, you might win a brand new HTC Legend!

Note: Must be a iPAQ 3600. Other models not accepted.

PS: Refer to HTC’s Tweet for more info. 1 2 3 4 5

Damn! Why must it be a iPAQ 3600? Why isn’t it Palm III? I got a Palm III that is STILL working lor.

Update: They have found 10 winners. Pretty surprised that there are still so many iPAQ 3600 owners out there.

Seriously people, Flashmob doesn’t need to be just dancing

I’ve lost count of the number of “dancing type” Flashmob happening in Singapore by commercial entities. I guess it started with the HTC Flashmob which was somewhat successful. Then the rest of the companies decided that they also want to do a Flashmob. Well, it’s perfectly alright to do Flashmob for your marketing campaign. But do you guys know that Flashmob is not just about getting a group of people on the street and start dancing when the music is played?

According to Wiki, a Flashmob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse. Unusual and pointless does not have to be dancing. It can be freezing. It can be hopping. It can be singing. Laughing, rolling, running in circles, play scissor paper stone, walk backwards, pointing into the air or ANYTHING. Be creative. Come up with new ideas! Don’t need to be just dancing.

And please, if you have a emcee talking on mic before or after the “flashmob”, then it’s no longer a flashmob. That is call a street performance.

If you need ideas of Flashmob, try visiting Improv Everywhere or our local Mission : Singapore for some Flashmob ideas.

Remember: Flashmob is not just about dancing. Be creative.

MP3 Experiment anyone?

Opera Mini now available on iPhone

When Opera announced that they submitted their Opera Mini browser to Apple’s Appstore, my first reaction is that it will be the next on Apple’s banned list. Afterall, the Opera Mini browser is duplicating the Safari browser’s functionality.

But surprise surprise! Apple actually approved the Opera Mini browser. Yeap, you can now download Opera Mini browser from the appstore for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. I certainly didn’t see this day coming.

According to some reports, the reason why Opera Mini was accepted is because of a loophole. Opera Mini doesn’t technically request and load Web pages through its native code. Instead, Opera Mini is a proxy Web browser because it sends Web page requests to Opera’s servers, which then compress the Web page before sending it back to the phone.

I downloaded the Opera Mini browser on my iPhone to try out. Pretty good although I still prefer Safari. Maybe that’s just me. The Opera Mini is supposed to load webpage faster than Safari although I don’t see any significant improvements. Give it a try if you have some free time. Who knows, you might like it. Well, at least now we got freedom to choose which web browser to us on iPhone.

Now, if the Opera Mini browser got approved, does that means there is a chance to see Google Latitude app. Hmmmm….. ok maybe not.


Been sick for the whole of last week. That’s why there are lesser updates on my blog and twitter. Basically the body has been hibernating either in bed or on sofa. Even when I’m on my computer, I find it hard to concentrate and write anything that is meaningful.

I wonder if it is because I’m getting old. When I fall sick in the past, I’ll usually recover within 2 to 4 days. But this time round, it’s taking me longer to recover. Or is the virus stronger this time round?

Anyway, still alive and kicking. Got tons of things that I want to blog about. Will try to write them soon. Still feeling tired. Body is still slowly recovering. I hate falling sick. Argh.

Doodle4Google Singapore

Google is having a Doodle4Google competition to get school students to create a Google doodle. The competition has received more than 30,000 entries from over 400 schools across Singapore. 50 finalist has been selected by a panel of judges. You can now vote for your favorite Doodle here. Voting for the five age group winners starts on 6 April 2010 and ends at midnight on 23 April 2010.

Google will also select the National winner among the 50 finalist and the winning Doodle will be featured on the Google Singapore homepage on National Day 2010. Now that’s the best prize anyone can win.

Here is my personal favorite. A very simple yet patriotic design. Very suitable for National Day. And do you believe that the person who did this is in the age 7 to 9 category? I can never doodle this well.

Do you know that the most common Singapore symbol used in the Doodle4Google competition is the Merlion? I’m guessing the 2nd most common symbol is the Changi Airport control tower.