BlackBerry 6 sneak peak

RIM show off their BlackBerry 6 OS during the recent WES 2010 keynote. Looks pretty exciting. Check out the video.

It seems like BlackBerry is concentrating on touch and consumer market. This is no surprise to me actually. BlackBerry is very strong in the enterprise market. It’s normal for them to concentrate on the other market that they are not strong in. The new touch interface looks pretty interesting. I think it would work well on the Storm 2. But personally, I still prefer physical Qwerty keyboard when using my BlackBerry. Besides, the optical trackpad is doing a very good job.
Oh, and did I mention WebKit browser? Cool!
For more info and screenshot of BlackBerry 6, check out Boy Genius Report.
BlackBerry 6 will be coming next quarter.


  1. Shawn: Looks like teen phone? Haha. Maybe that’s because they only show the interface and not the phone. BlackBerry phone usually looks quite professional. 🙂

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