The quitter quits Singapore

I was shaking my head when I read this news.

Deal is off for pool ace
It looks like world champion will not be taking up Singapore citizenship after all
A YEAR after announcing his decision to become a Singapore citizen with much fanfare, Taiwan’s double world pool champion Wu Chia-ching appears to have changed his mind.
The former pool prodigy failed to turn up for appointments to finalise his citizenship last month, and has demanded better terms for his playing contract as a foreign sports talent.
This, after braving media backlash in Taiwan and repeatedly stating his desire to represent Singapore.

I’m against the idea of Singapore buying Wu Chia-ching over to Singapore since day one when it was reported. As you all should know, I’m always against the Foreign Sports Talent Scheme. And this is exactly why I’m against it. Most of the sport talents who we bought over thru this scheme is here for the money. Their heart is with the money, not Singapore. Why are we getting people who are interested in money to represent us in sports? What kind of signal are we sending to the younger generation?
Why do we waste money on buying sport talents from other countries? Why can’t we use those money to develop our own talents? And if Singaporeans are not talented in sports, so be it. Why do we need to excel in every field? What can a Olympic medal do? What is the point of getting a foreigner to help us win medal? Sports is about sportsmanship. It’s not just about winning. I personally feel more proud seeing true Singaporean (born and bred here) taking part in Olympic (and lose) than seeing foreign talents winning medal in Olympic for Singapore. I don’t feel the pride and honor when a foreign talent win a medal for Singapore. In fact, I felt ashamed that we need to resort to buying talents oversea to win.
Please, Singapore Sport Council, stop disgracing Singapore. Stop this useless Foreign Sports Talent Scheme. Use the time, money and effort to develop OUR own talent. Let us feel proud when we watch Singapore being represented by true Singaporeans in sporting events.
PS: This incident reminds me of what happen 2 years ago when a foreign sport talent left Singapore to play for other club, then came back to Singapore again.


  1. The best will not come because they are already honoured back in their own country. The ones that come are in it for the money and will go where it benefits them. Why are we paying for second best?
    And the scheme is counter productive. By bringing in these so-called talents, aren’t we denying our own their chance at glory? This will force them to look elsewhere for their opportunity.
    I think the sailing and bowling associations are going in the right direction. They didn’t need to bring in any foreign talents to achieve glory. We should put more focus on how these associations achieve their targets rather than put the limelight on those associations that bring in high-profile ‘talents’ or should we call them by the correct term – mercenaries?
    .-= aCeMaSk´s last blog ..Nature Causes Morning Peak Hour Chaos =-.

  2. i refuse to acknowledge that we have a wolrd-standard table tennis team, when the players are non-singaporeans.

  3. SuKii:
    Some say that China won both the gold and silver medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 🙂
    To me, an important factor is whether Singapore nurtured these foreign sports people from nobodies to champions. That would be more meaningful than simply transplanting established stars over here.
    .-= Hun Boon´s last blog ..Tough jobs to hire for =-.

  4. importing talents is much faster versus grooming future talents. politicians need to do something that can show results quickly and it is just the way things are in singapore. It is the same with economic policies, importing foreign talents is much faster than spending time grooming future entrepreneurs or training singaporeans. so much for having far sighted leaders.

  5. It’s actually a very stupid scheme.
    Most of these sports talents will only last a few years of their prime and then they will fade into oblivion. If they are lucky, they can go on to become coaches.
    What if they are not wanted ? Then what do we do with them ? Become a taxi driver ? Just become another unemployed statistic ?

  6. I felt shame – utter shame – when I saw the Singapore flag hoisted up during the Olympics, no thanks to the foreign table tennis players.
    This misguided foreign talent thingy is representative of the mercenary/commercial philosophy of PAP. Everything is about money — what money can buy and what money can one make. I guess they are so flushed with money in their own capacity that they think the rest of the Singaporeans would be proud to spend tax dollars on buying “glory” for the motherland.
    Sack the PAP.

  7. hi dk,
    i feel the same way too, there’s no pride in getting a foreigner to represent us and it defeats the purpose of the competition… if say china produces the best ping pong players… and every country start to get chinese national for ping pong… wouldnt we come to a point where in the tournament it’s represented by only 1 country?
    i think countries should stop this. this sports talent thing is equivalent to going around buying medals, but with a higher risk…
    if i go around to buy a medal, i can be sure i get a medal… with this sports talent thing… i don’t know whether i’ll get a medal in the 1st place… also it robs away the opportunity for any locals who have worked/trained to represent the country.
    pple will say in sports, the best man/woman wins… all the more these foreign sportsman should be disqualified… ie most don’t make it in their country in the 1st place…

  8. Yup, PAP is all about the money and they have been consistently talking, thinking, and salivating over any thing monetary from day one. It is as if their party mantra was something along the lines of…money above all.

  9. Is it any surprise that the gov takes shortcut at expense of Singapore development when they peg result and success at all cost to KPI that affect their promotion, perks and bonus… ?

  10. Singapore wants “face value” to show the world. What they do are just wayang not real value. What you expect?

  11. I will believe in the foreign talent system when I see Bill Clinton, John Major or Angela Merkel in a GRC line-up.

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