Tiger abused at A’Famosa Resort

Saw this on a Facebook page today. The video is taken at A’Famosa Resort, Malacca. Guess it’s just a few hours drive away from Singapore. Not sure how many Singaporeans visit that resort.

Well, if you are planning a visit to A’Famosa Resort, check out this video first before making your decision.

Unbelievable right? How can they abuse the tiger to make money?

Even more unbelievable is that after the major uproar on facebook and other social media sites, the A’Famosa Resort Marketing Team responded with this interesting letter.

Warmest Greetings From A’Famosa Resort

We’re referring to your e-mail on regards of the video shared on www.youtube.com

We would like make things clear that we never druged any of the animal for entertainment sake. The tiger shown in the video was just merely lazy and it’s was their nature to do so. We pratice a standard level in handling the animals.

However, rest assure that we had stop the photography session with the tigers due to the public & management concern of the tigers welfare. We appreciated your feedback which had been forwarded to management for their action to be taken.

Thank You.
Eric Ong.

Wow, really? They didn’t drug the tiger? The tiger is just being lazy? Lazy until let people abuse and still sit there do nothing? Really? My my…… they must have trained their tiger very well.

Anyway, they have stopped the photography session now. Credits to them on that. But really, the tiger is just being lazy? Really? Wow….

4 Responses to 'Tiger abused at A’Famosa Resort'

  1. masshitah says:

    Tiger is lazy? BULLSHIT ERIC ONG!

  2. minah says:

    Dear Friends,

    Please STOP bringing your family and friends to A Famosa Melaka.
    We should not help them profit from this.


    I have make it a mission today, to post this message in 100 blogs in Malaysia and aboad.

    A Famosa has been allowed to carry on operating even though there has been so many complaints over the years about animal abuse. We need change to happen. And thats possible if only each of us do our part.

    Please log in a complaint about this at the Prime Ministers Departments Public Complaints Bureau.



  3. jojo says:

    wow, that eric must feel really proud of himself. i wonder how he goes to sleep at night. the gment should do something about this. this is utterly ridiculous! until today, there has been no update. i wonder how long animals in general will have to suffer in malaysia.something must be done.the law must be upgraded.

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