MicroSIM has arrived Singapore

Starhub and M1 have both began selling MicroSIM card last Saturday. SingTel will begin selling the MicroSIM card from 1 June. Starhub and M1’s MicroSIM will support up to 7.2 mbps while SingTel will support up to 21 mbps.

I’m not sure about other countries, but Singapore is perhaps one of the interesting market where the Telcos begin selling MicroSIM card before a device using that card is officially sold here. Singapore will be getting iPad sometime in July. And in the meantime, there aren’t any devices using this MicroSIM card that I know of in Singapore market. I do know some people bought the iPad from oversea. But most of them had already cut their existing SIM card.

Perhaps the 3 Telcos selling MicroSIM card now won’t make much difference. It will make a bigger difference when the next iPhone, which is rumored to be also using MicroSIM, arrives Singapore.

For those who aren’t taking up the MicroSIM card, you can always cut your existing SIM card. But be careful when cutting or you might end up damaging the SIM card.

Personally, I’m not a fan of MicroSIM. Don’t see any benefits except being slightly smaller. Oh well, but if this is the direction phone makers are going, I guess we have to follow.

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  1. aCeMaSk says:

    It seems that the micro-SIM is only available on certain plans by the 3 telcos…
    .-= aCeMaSk´s last blog ..Someone in SMRT Did Not Get the Memo =-.

  2. Lester Chan says:

    What are the plan structure? Can MultiSIM users have a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th SIM card as MiroSIM ?
    .-= Lester Chan´s last blog ..mig33 Is Hiring! =-.

  3. dk says:

    Lester: I don’t know yet. Let you know when I got more info. :)

  4. keropokman says:

    What I notice when I go into Malaysia and buy one of the telco’s prepaid SIM card since last year, is that the ‘golden part’ of the SIM is smaller. I thought it was so save cost since it’s prepaid card.

    Now I realise from your photo it’s the micro SIM size centre with the mini SIM outer layer.

    I have a free unlimited SIM card that comes with my broadband subscription on the green camp. I guess I will be ‘cutting the sim’ too. ;-)

  5. aCeMaSk says:

    Can always get 1 of these if u want to cut in style…
    .-= aCeMaSk´s last blog ..Someone in SMRT Did Not Get the Memo =-.

  6. dk says:

    keropokman: I’ve seen those Malaysia pre-paid card. In fact, the metal part is smaller than the MicroSIM in my photo.

    By the way, the MicroSIM here is from AT&T. I stole it from Justin Lee’s iPad :D

    Acemask: Don’t see much use for us to buy that. But I think the all ah beng handphone shop should invest in that. Haha.

  7. yongwei says:

    i want a bigger sim card leh, just like diamonds, the bigger the better, right?

  8. Mytechnewsinfo says:

    Dk, eh, any of these three offering micro SIM for prepaid Internet ar? Need to get one for a couple of days when I’m down in Singapore in two weeks time…


  9. dk says:

    Mytechnewsinfo: I don’t think there will be prepaid MicroSIM for now. Will take some time before Telcos here roll out prepaid MicroSIM card.

  10. Eh, why har? No demand ka? I thought there will be lots of travelers with iPad 3G needing their Internet fix while in Singapore! Me being one of them. Maybe we’re too small a number, sigh…

  11. merlion says:

    I bought my 64GB 3G wi-fi iPad in the US with AT&T MicroSim however when back in Sg there is no service on my iPad. Since I am working oversea most of the time how can I get a MicroSim when I am back in Sg. I do not have a problem when using it in China.

  12. dk says:

    merlion: You mean there’s no service on your AT&T MicroSIM in Singapore? Strange…. I thought AT&T would have a roaming partner in Singapore.

    Since you are oversea most of the time, you should consider getting a pre-paid card with data. It might be difficult for you to find a MicroSIM prepaid card. You can get a normal prepaid card and cut it to MicroSIM.

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