All BlackBerry users should set their Owner Information

Nicole found a BlackBerry today and passed it to me. And like most BlackBerry, the phone is locked. I guess most companies have IT policies which enforce BlackBerry users to password protect the phone. But here is the biggest problem, if the phone is locked, how am I going to find the owner?
Usually if you find a phone, you will most likely go into the phonebook and look for names like Dad, Mum, Brother, Sister, Darling or home and contact them. Else you try to call the most recently called person. But if the phone is locked, you can’t do that.
BlackBerry actually has a very neat feature call Owner Information. You can choose to set any text you want on the Owner Information. The text will display on the screen when the phone is locked. This allows the finder to contact you if he/she wants to return you your BlackBerry. Personally, I think all phone should have this feature. It’s pretty useful.
For my BlackBerry, I set my name and my other handphone number so that the finder can still contact me even if my phone is locked. I hope I’ll never need to use this. But better safe than sorry.

As for the phone that Nicole found, the person called the phone 30 minutes later. Will be meeting her tomorrow morning to return the phone. This is not the first time a lost BlackBerry lands on my hand. I think I’ve found at least 4 BlackBerry. 1 of them is still in my drawer because I couldn’t find the owner. The owner cancelled the line. And since it is locked, I couldn’t find any other means to contact the owner.
So remember everyone, set your Owner Information.


  1. Xizor: I think is BB Curve. Don’t want lah. Wait I use it while crossing the road, ganna knock down by car how? 😛
    But honestly, after using Bold 2, you just can’t downgrade to Curve. The feeling is very different.

  2. I’m think Blackberry’s really cool… just too bad I cannot afford one. I think my next phone will definitely be a BB.
    What’s going to happen to the phone in your drawer? Cannot sell it one meh?
    .-= Shan´s last blog ..Interested Topics =-.

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