Footballer outrun circle line train

Here is an interesting video. It is possible for someone to outrun a circle line train?

Amazing huh? As much as I wished it is real, I don’t think that is possible. The distance from Stadium Station to Nicoll Highway MRT Station is 2.5 KM. Even if he swim across Kallang River also cannot be so fast.

And if you look closely at the video, at 0:54 mark, you notice that the corner 2 seater is taken up by 2 ladies. Then at 1:26, the 2 seater is taken up by 2 young guys. From my many many years of taking MRT, I’ve never seen a 2 young ladies giving up their seats to 2 young guys. Never. I guess they cut the video at the point where the camera is pointing at the floor.

And judging from the amount of adidas product seen in the video, I guess it’s a viral video by adidas.

Good job adidas! Nicely done.

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  1. DC says:

    Good observation about the corner seats.

    I might have been fooled if not for it. Or he could have a twin waiting at the Nicoll Highway Station.
    .-= DC´s last blog ..Fathers Day Trip To Johor =-.

  2. dk says:

    DC: It would be better for them to get a twin to wait at the other station. Less video editing and less chances of being caught. (Some illusionist use this trick too)

    But I guess it’s hard to find a twin that play soccer that well. :)

  3. rinaz says:

    “No way”

    “Did you see that?”

    “How did he do it?”

    “Oh my god”

    .-= rinaz´s last blog ..Dear Italian team … =-.

  4. Jayden says:

    Think I caught the cut. Check out 1:02-1:03.

    In fact, when it’s 1:01, there’s a post-edited slight zoomed in when the camera’s pointing at the man waving the book annoyingly. Then right at 1:02, camera pans down, pans up. If you looked really closely, that transition looked like 2 clips being joint together.

    Very clever viral indeed!
    .-= Jayden´s last blog ..A Quicky =-.

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