Old Spice – Perhaps the best marketing campaign ever

The internet was clogging with all the Old Spice video for the past 2 days. Lots of people on Twitter, facebook and blog are talking about it. This is perhaps the best marketing campaign ever.
Old Spice, a American brand of male grooming products, got their spokesperson Isaiah Mustafa to record short youtube video in response to messages from Twitter and Facebook. And you don’t need to be a celebrity or have lots of followers on twitter in order to get a respond from the Old Spice Guy. (Although it increases your chance of getting 1)
And perhaps the thing that makes all these video so viral is the humor and also their interactivity with social media community. Great job guys!!!
Here are some of the Old Spice video. You can find more at Old Spice Youtube channel.

And here is their last video.

Too bad we can’t find Old Spice here in Singapore. I would love to use it after watching all these videos.


  1. Mustafa Centre sells Old Spice deodorants and colognes in the toiletries section. Small wonder it’s the only place in Singapore you can get Old Spice, because the smell is reminiscent of dirty old men plying Geylang. It’s that… pungent.

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