Flipboard: The only reason why I would buy an iPad

OK, I keep telling people that I won’t buy an iPad. But I don’t mind if someone gives me one. The iPad is more like a “want” than a “need”. I don’t necessary need it. To me, my iPhone is able to do most of the things.
Until the Flipboard came along.

Isn’t that cool?!?! A personal magazine with content that I want to see. And the KILLER feature is where it add contents that your friends share on Twitter and Facebook. This is so amazing. In fact, it is so good that it overwhelmed Flipboard’s servers. Currently, Flipboard is limiting the rate that they are accepting new Facebook and Twitter connections. But once they sort out the overwhelming issues, it’s going to be a MUST HAVE app on all iPad.
OK, this Flipboard is really making me want to own a iPad. And you know what’s the other best thing about Flipboard? It’s free!
Check out their interview with Building 43.

OK, I must control. Will not buy a iPad. Besides, it’s sold out in Singapore already. Yeap, most places sold out within a couple of hours on Friday morning. But if anyone want to give me an iPad, I would love to have a 16GB 3G + WIFI iPad. Thank you! 😀
PS: I hate to say this but somehow I got this feeling that the Flipboard will not be the only reason why I would buy an iPad. But for now, it’s the only reason.


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